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will kill you.
But so what? You're already gonna drop dead.
Well, guess what, FDR?
I made a wish on a shooting star last night,
and I wished against your wish.
That's funny.
As it happens, I saw the same shooting star,
and I double-wished you to drop dead.
Here's your change.
Alright, I'm triple-wishing!
Then I'm quadruple-wishing!
Alright -
how do you like this?
I like it a lot.
Oh, God, it's so hot!
What is that smell?
I think it's the stench of death.
George, you've been wearing those boots
since I met you.
You're not gonna wear them to the wedding,
are you?
No.. I'm gonna wear black shoes.
Oh boy. There's Sue Ellen.
She didn't want me at this wedding,
but here I am with a bunch of my idiot friends!
This is gonna be great!
Elaine? Oh! Oh, I am so happy to see you!
You are?
Well, of course!
No one else was even
willing to come to India.
I mean, not even Pinter's parents -
and they're Indian.
Come on, Sue Ellen.
You don't wear a bra, you're tall -
we hate each other!
Elaine, I know.
I know we've had our problems, but -
I want you to be my maid of honor -
and my best friend.
Huh.. alright. I guess.
Uh, this is my fiance, Pinter.
Say hello.
Uh, no. It's Pinter.
Does anyone want to use the bathroom?
Oh, no. No. We're good.
Let's get goin'. Alright.
Watch it, funny man!
Elaine, have you noticed
George was acting strange the whole flight?
No. What? Like what?
What? Strange... No. I...
Look what they had on the plane.
Come on.. Come on.
There's one!
I wish I don't drop dead!!
Hey, shut up up there!
You shut up!
Aw, drop dead!
Hello, friend.
Enjoying the flight?
Coach to India - The only way to go.
Good one. Very funny.
You're very funny, Jerry.
That's what I always tell people.
Jerry Seinfeld's a funny guy!
You all right?
Of course I'm all right.
I'm here with my girl. Nina.
And what better way to pass the time
than gabbing with my best friend,
with whom there are no secrets.
Like this. Since fourth grade.
Hey, didn't I beat you up
in the fourth grade?
Funny guy!
Right here!
By the way, you never said anything
to George about Jerry and me, did you?
Oh please.
It's in the vault.
Ho, ho! Jerry Seinfeld's a funny guy!
Hey, what time is it?
You just asked me two minutes ago.
Hey, what time is it?
I'm not wearing a watch.
Is this tooth chipped?
Yeah. How'd you do that?
I have no idea.
Watch this.
Oh, God.
So, Jerry and Nina, huh?
Oh, m-m.
I'm not gonna tell you any more things.
You already told me everything.
I mean, we had a deal, Newman.
You were supposed to
give my your birthday wish.
And now you've wasted it!
Did I?
Newman, I'm bored.
Does your girlfriend have to be here?
Does yours?
I'm just hanging out in this hellhole
because of George.
Alright, come on, Newman. Now you gotta help me!
What am I gonna do about FDR?
Why don't you just make another wish?
And how am I gonna do that, Toots?
What about a shooting star?
That's perfect.
Beauty... and brains.
Oh, come on.
You know he's a postman, don't ya?
Here's your plane ticket.
What are you talking about?
Sue Ellen sends me an invitation
one week before her wedding in India.
I'll show her.
By flying halfway around the world?
Spite never sleeps!
Wish you wouldn't have gotten a layover in Sarajevo.
Here. You're going to India with us tomarrow.
For how long?
Three days.
Jerry, I gotta tell you, I had the best time with that Nina last night.
I think I'm in love with her already.
You are a great friend. A great, great friend.
Hey, Kramer, what are you doing?
You want to borrow something? You want to eat something? Come on in!
You want to go to India?
I can't.  I'm gonna drop dead!
Great! Nina could go, huh?
Jerry, this is great. You and Elaine. Me and Nina..
Hey, Kramer, wait up. I'll go with you.
I'm goin' to Newman's!
Great, I love Newman!
Jerry seem a little weird when I
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