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So, tell him you're concerned about it
and he should see someone else.
George, why would I, a
Juilliard trained dermatologist,
send him to another doctor?
Because, you're not a dermatologist.
He thinks I am. I'm not
gonna betray that trust.
Here's what I wanna do:
I think I can get a section...
Whoa, whoa, a section?!
Yeah, if I could crab my
slicer and he'd hold still...
No, you're not taking
a deli slicer to my boss...
It'll be ultra-thin, he'll barely feel it.
- No! Absolutely Not!
Well, it's my medical opinion,
that you're making a big mistake.
And it's going in my chart.
Yeah, hello is this Allied Lock Smith?!
Oh, finally, listen I need someone
to come over here right away!
Turn it off! Turn it off!
I am getting a lock smith, alright?! Relax!
Alright, that's it!
Yeah, the address is 78th West...
Oh, oh mama...
So, Kramer pulled it off?
Yep, and the photo was all fixed and back
on his desk, no thanks to you.
Well, that woman had it coming to her.
Look at my neck, it looks
like I had a beard of bees!
Why don't you see someone about it?
I've called everyone.
You know how hard it is
to get a dermatologist
in this town?
A real dermatologist.
Squamous cell carcinoma.
You're not a doctor. You shouldn't
even have books like this.
George, that's what he has
and I have to give him a call.
Now we gotta came clean.
You can't tell him the truth,
you're gonna blow the whole thing.
I don't want this on my conscience.
I'll get him to see a real doctor.
You just stay away from this.
Hey, I wonder if they have
a picture of my rash in here.
They've got everything there, Jerry.
I underlined the best parts.
Hey, this looks like the thing I have.
Caused by exposure to benzene,
a common ingredient in metal cleaners.
Well, that's weird.
What are you doing?
Well, I'm cleaning my slicer.
That's my hand towel!
I use that on my face, hands and chest!
That's where the hives
are coming from!  It's
not from Dr. Sitarides,
it's from Dr. Van Nostrand!
So, somehow the Bronzo ? is reacting
to the poison she's giving you.
Alright, get out.
And take your Bronzo with you
Ohh, that's toxic.
George, come in. I'm just
going over our annual report...
boy did we take it
on the chin last year.
Eh, listen Mr. Kruger, I got a message
from Dr. Van Nostrand and he says
it might be wise to you
to see another doctor about that mole.
I'm not too worried about it.
Well, he said it could be cancer,
maybe you should get it checked out.
take a look at this photo.
This is taken 10 years ago.
That mole looks exactly
as it does today.
So, there's no cause for concern, eh?
Actually, funny thing about this photo
We were at the beach
and there was this dumb
looking guy near by.
When he went in for
a swim, my sons and I
took all his stuff and
threw it in the ocean!
What a pear shaped loser.
Well, that pear shaped loser was me!
And I was in that photo,
until I broke in here,
stole the photograph and
airbrushed myself out of there!
Well, I'll be...
you have lost a lot of hair.
That's what they tell me!
Do you want more pastrami?
Um, what was that last thing you gave me?
That was pretty good.
Yeah, it was olive loaf.
You want that?
I can't believe
Kruger didn't fire you after all you did.
He said he didn't care.
Oh, God I love that place.
Hey, have you seen other dermatologist?
Yeah, I finally got to see Dr. Kazarian.
He said it was really bad.
What did he give you for it.
Aloe. So where's that lock smith?
Have to give him time on this hour.
Can I have a zip?
Oh yeah, coming up...So, Elaine,
are you going to sleep with me or what?
George, I just got off
a twenty-three hour plane ride.
I'm too tired to even vomit at the thought.
Fine. I'll ask you again
when you're rested.
Oh, I'm sure she'll come around.
Yeah, I hope so. For your sake!
I said I was sorry.
You can stuff you sorries in a sack, mister!
Would you please stop saying that?!
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