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You have a little thing for this fella'?
Jerry, you gotta talk to Sitarides.
Yesterday you said I had
to get my revenge on her!
And that was wrong,Jerry!
You simple must to apologize..
Must I?
Yes! Because it is the mature, adult thing to do.
How does that reflect me?
Elaine, alright where's the SP2000?
Cause I gotta slice.
Aah, I forgot it.
I gotta get home.
Ok, I'll go with you.
Umm, I'm not actually
going straight to home,
I have to first stop at the eh...circus,
you know with all the...clowns.
Oh, well you have fun... oh no clowns...
hate clowns...the clowns.
So again, I'm sorry. I had no
right to yell at you, you're
a life saving doctor and
I'm just a comedian...
Jerry, enough. I'll do your
friend's cancer screening,
because I believe in that, but as far
as you and I are concerned; it's off.
Was it pimple popper MD?
That's the one.
Still got it.
Out, damn heel!
Yeah listen, I need my slicer back.
Just hold on!
Hey, what's going on?
Here, ok I'm on the phone alright?
I'm on the phone with someone...
My blade is all dinged up.
Oh, come on!
Phone call!
I'm in a big phone call!
Come on, this is important!
Hey, get the hell out of here!
Wow, that's a lot of potatoes.
So, George took my slicer down to Kruger
and they're smoothing it out for me.
What the hell is this?
Boy, that looks like an allergic reaction.
Have you been wearing a fake beard?
Well, what have you been doing?
Nothing, I got up, run some errands,
I went down to Sara's
office and apologized...
Whoa whoa, backup,
Dr. Sitarides, what happened there?
Well, I tried to apologise,
it didn't go over that well...
There, there's your hives.
What, she gave me hives?
Jerry, as the Bible says:
Thou who cureth, can maketh ill.
She did kind of touch my face.
Now you listen to me,
you've got to find
this woman and tell her
that you're not a test tube pin cushion.
It does itch. Maybe I will go down
at Kruger and talk to her.
Alright, great, because
I got to get down there
and pick up my blade. Hey, and
I couldn't find that stock room.
Oh, that's fantastic.
I just talked to Mr. Kruger,
he'll be down in a minute.
He wanted me to take a
photograph for the record.
What record?
His personal file, I, I don't ask...
Jerry? What brings you here?
- I don't know, this?
Looks like hives.
- Where do you suppose that could've come from?
Jerry, what are you doing...
- He is just setting the record straight.
Come on Sitarides, cop to it.
What brand of perverted
science do you practice?
Are you suggesting I somehow
I infected you on purpose?
I want the antidote, pimple popper!
That's it, I'm out of here!
You're insane.
Am I? You touched my face.
I didn't imagine that!
Dr. Sitarides don't go!
Oh, thanks Jerry!
Hey George, hey Doc.
We doing the screening here?
Aah, yeah, yeah. Won't you head on in,
we'll be in in a second.
Be right with you.
Doc, huh?
Kramer, this is perfect.
I need you to go in there,
pretend you're a doctor and
check this guy for moles.
Moles, yes. Freckle's ugly cousin.
And get a picture of him, with his shirt off.
You really are cooking up
a little scheme here, aren't you?
Alright, lets get in there.
Quick, quick, quick...
This is it.
I can take this anymore.
Male mammal. Approximately
30 to 60 years of age.
Weight...uh indeterminate.
Ok, Mr. Kruger, we are gonna
take a photo now for the records.
So if you'll stand up please
and give me a big smile,
oh no no no, not that big.
Yeah, that's nice, yes okay.
Yes, let's have a looksee...ok, so eh,
fiber from shirt on the left shoulder.
I'm gonna have to keep my on that.
How long have you been doing
this Dr. Van Nostrand?
Uuh, long long time.
Yes, I've seen moles so big
they have their own moles.
Freckles that cover two men.
So, how am I looking?
Oh, so far, so good...
Kramer, I really owe you one.
George, we got a problem.
- He's got a mole on his shoulder. Very
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