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Eh, died on the table.
Just spent hour and
a half making me feel,
if I don't save lives, I'm worthless.
Well, she's very focused.
Dermatology is her life.
- Yes, she's a dermatologist.
Saving lives? The whole profession is:
"Eh, just put some aloe on it".
The slicer! Elaine, let's go.
- Where are we going?
The cat. Just grab that meat
and let's ride.
When are you going on your next date with her?
Oh, what's the point?
What, you're gonna pass
up a wonderful opportunity
to put that aloe pusher in her place?
Revenge date?
That sound like you more than me.
This good be so sweet, Jerry. Saving lives?
She's one step away working
at the clinique counter!
Dermatologist? Skin
doesn't need a doctor!
Of course not!
Wash it, dry it, move on!
You're right.
I'm gonna call her right now and tell her off.
no no, this has to be
carefully orchestrated.
You go to a fancy dinner, flowers...
Yeah, you gotta do it classy
So, you've done this?
Couldn't get the girl
go out with me the second time.
I think we are looking half a millimeter.
Can it cut that thin?
Oh, I've cut slices so thin,
I couldn't even see them.
How did you know you cut it?
Well, I guess I just assumed.
Hold on kitty, dinner's coming.
Yeah, that's a hall of famer.
Alright, let's do it. Alright, here we go.
Yeah, watch that baby slide...
Come on, come on kitty...
ooh...how about that; it worked!
Wow, can I borrow that thing for a while?
Oh no, I don't think so.
Why not?
Well, you're not checked at on it.
What do I have to know?
Well, where the meat goes?
Right there.
Where do you turn it on?
Right there.
But where does the meat go?
Restaurant, flowers...
this is so nice.
Well, I'm a classy guy.
How's the life saving business?
It's fine.
- It must take a really really big zit to kill a man!
What is with you?
You call yourself a lifesaver.
I call you pimple popper MD!
Dr. Sitarides?
Mr. Parry, how are you?
I just wanted to thank you again
for saving my life.
She saved your life?
I had skin cancer.
Skin cancer! Damn.
You were right Kramer,
this slicer is absolutely amazing.
..yeah, yeah...no no no
I'll bring it by tonight...ok bye.
These heals are so uneven.
Here you Mr. Costanza.
What is this? This is a drawing.
Looks real, doesn't it?
This is a cartoon!
Hey, I had to draw that guy from memory.
Considering, I think that's damn good.
But it's not a photograph, I need a photograph!
Then you better get a camera.
He looks like a Peanuts character.
- I know.
The only way to fix it now,
is to get a whole new photo of Kruger.
You can do that. Without his shirt on.
You can't do that.
Well, maybe Kruger wasn't the place for you.
It seemed so disorganized.
I understand.
What about the Coast Guard?
Seems like a lot of pride there, a lot of tradition.
True. You mean, for you?
I think.
What about your sea sickness?
Maybe I could be a land guy.
I don't know if they have land guys.
Someone's have to unhook
the boat before it leaves... the place!
Got it.
What are they for?
I got a piece a my heel stuck in a slicer.
- Come again?
Okay, I got a little slicer-happy, but listen:
Don't tell Kramer. He has very strong feelings for it.
I forgot to ask you:
how did the revenge date go?
Eh, it went okay.
Did you dressed nice, did you do it classy?
Yeah, I started out real classy...
Yeah you did, you classed it up!
But then I found out about the skin cancer.
Oh, so it backfired?
So, I guess I was lucky that
I never tried that myself.
Of course she treats skin cancer.
That's how I met her, she
was doing a skin cancer
screening at Peterman.
That's what dermatologists do.
Sadly, that knowledge could've help me.
Wait a minute, she did a skin cancer
screening at Peterman?
Could she do that at Kruger?
I don't know, I guess.
So I set up a screening,
everyone takes their shirt off
and click, I snap me a shot
of a bear-chested
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