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come from out,
my clothes, my towel, my umbrella,
they're all gone.
I am furious.
I start screaming to these kids
demanding my stuff back
and finally I lose it I grab their boom box
and I chuck it in to the ocean.
Seems reasonable.
Then I see my clothes floating out there
The tied took them out, not the kids.
Even more reasonable.
So now, the father is screaming at me,
he's demanding that
I pay for the boom box
Finally, I gave them a fake address
and got the hell out of there.
And that guy is your new boss?
Until that stupid photo jogs his memory.
Kruger? That's not
Kruger Industrial Smoothing, is it?
Grinders, sanders, whetstones.
They are the ones who botched
the Statue of Liberty job.
Right, they couldn't get the green stuff off.
It is a horrible company.
There's no management what so ever.
I could go hog wild in there.
You now what you do?
You sneak that photo out of there
for couple of days and get it air brushed.
Like retouched.
You remember that photo of me
and Gerald Ford and I took it in.
Got that Ford right out of there.
Oh, this is good. This Kruger guy is clueless.
I can't wait to work for him.
Look at this. This sandwich is terrible.
Everywhere you go,
they give you this misshaped shardy meat.
I haven't had a decent sandwich in 13 years.
Neither have I.
Hey, our meat problems are solved.
Where did you get this thing?
I traded it to my sausage press.
Look how thin that is,
see that's all surface area.
The taste has nowhere to hide.
Hey, spice. Welcome to flavor country.
Yeah, that's pretty good.
Hey, I got a date with that doctor you met.
Sara Sitarides?
What's with you?
You remember that next
door neighbor of mine,
the apartment that always
smells like potatoes?
Your whole building smells like potatoes.
This jackass goes to
Paris, leaves the alarm on.
It's been beeping
since 3:30 this morning.
You know, that happened to Lomez,
so he blew his neighbor's circuit.
How do you do that?
Yeah well, that's easy.
Just let me finish this mile
high and I'll be right with you.
Oh, and Jerry, we are gonna
need a case of Kaiser rolls.
I think we might have one left
in the stock room.
This hallway smells like potatoes.
I know, I know, this is it.
Ok, oh, you see this socket?
It's probably connected to her apartment.
So what we'll do, we'll take
this paper clip and bend it
so it'll short out the entire circuit.
Here you go...
I think I'll let you do it.
- No no no. It's easy, just do it quickly.
No, I really don't want to.
Well, I don't want to either.
I thought you had done this before.
It's just...it's no picnic.
Well, how are we gonna do it?
Alright, fine fine, I'll do it.
Oh mama.
Are you okay?
I will lose that nail.
I enjoy the challenge of
medicine. Naturally you have
no idea what it's like to have
someone's life depending on you.
Well, I have this neighbor...
A joke. Do you have any idea
how it feels like to save someone's life?
Is it anything like hitting
a home run in softball?
Cause I hit a whopper last week!
Here you go, airbrushed in to sand and sky.
What did you do here?
You took out the wrong guy.
I thought you said you wanted to be out?
Well, I'm still here. You
took out the other guy!
You've really lost a lot of hair.
I am aware!
Hmm, the world's best pizza cutter.
76 bucks, how often do I make...oh
I've gotta buy a book.
The cat.
He took out Kruger?
I just pray Kruger doesn't realize that
it's gone until this guy can fix it up.
This slicer is indomitable.
Where did you get that butcher's coat?
You buy enough meat,
they'll give you anything.
Kramer, my neighbor has a cat.
When you blew the power,
we must've shut off the automatic feeder.
See, that's the same thing that happened
to Lomez.
What did he do about it?
Well, he moved to a hotel
and the cat eventually died.
Well, this meowing is
absolutely worst than the alarm.
Oh, that's a prickly one.
Yeah, how's the doctor date?
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