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re like Cain and Abel.
You know, Cain slew Abel.
He didn't. They were in business together.
Drywalling or something.
All right, then what was it?
Well, I think Abel worked hard all summer,
harvesting his crops,
while Cain just played in the field.
Then when winter came, Abel had all the nuts.
Cain had no nuts. So he killed him.
The way I remember it,
Cain was a successful doctor,
but when he took this special formula,
he became Mr Abel.
You broke my blender, didn't you?
Yeah. When I was trying to make gravel.
It just didn't work out.
Why were you making gravel?
Well ... I like the sound it makes
when you walk on it.
This looks familiar.
Of course. It's garbage.
No, no, no, no. These brown things.
The chairs.
Jerry, this is the set
from the old Merv Griffin Show!
They must be throwing it out.
This stuff belongs in the Smithsonian!
Yeah, at least in the dumpster
behind the Smithsonian.
Boy, one minute Elliot Gold is sitting on you
and the next thing - you're yesterday's trash.
Come on, Kramer, get out of there.
No, no, no. You go on ahead.
I'm not finished taking this in.
Oh, Jerry, look!
Merv Griffin's cigar!
You know, I spilled a yohgurt smoothie
in here two days ago.
Can't smell anything, can y'a?
George watch out for those pigeons.
Oh they'll get out of the way.
You really smell banana?
Oh my God. Oh.
So, uh--
where are we eating?
And it was his idea to put
a sprig of parsley on the plate.
You're making this up.
There was never a Joseph Garnish.
Oh yeah the toys.
Where did you get all these?
My dad was a collector.
I inherited them after he died
from a long and painful bout ...
Super bowl!
Hey, an original G. I. Joe.
With the full frogman suit.
Jerry, what are you doing?
I'm putting this on him
and we're going to the sink.
No, Jerry!
They're priceless.
They've never been played with.
I just want to touch them a little.
I said no. Now come here.
I'm Lou Filerman. I'm new here.
Hey, Walter,
what is the deal with that guy?
Oh, he's Lou Filerman.
He's new here.
Hey, your coffee stain
looks like Fidel Castro.
You've been an enormous help.
You ran over some pigeons?
How many?
Whatever they had.
Miranda thinks I'm a butcher.
But it's not my fault is it?
Don't we have a deal with the pigeons?
Of course we have a deal.
They get out of the way of our cars,
we look the other way
on the statue defecation.
And these pigeons broke the deal.
I will not accept the blame for this.
So Miranda's cooled on ya?
I'm getting nothing.
Yeah, me neither.
I thought you and Celia were sleeping together?
Oh, the sex is wild,
but she's got this incredible toy collection
and she won't let me near it!
I don't understand women.
Here comes one.
Hey. What's going on?
Art Garfunkle?
No, Castro.
All because of
this creepy new guy at work.
He just comes out of nowhere
and he's right next to you!
So he just sidles up?
That's right! He's a real sidler.
Maybe you didn't see him.
You never see him.
He sidled me again in my office.
I was sitting there making a cup of soup,
singing that song from "The Lion King".
Hakuna Matata?
I thought I was alone.
That doesn't make it right.
See, to me, the Hakuna Matata
is not nearly as embarrassing as the cup of soup...
Would you just let it go?
Hey, Jerry! Come in here a sec!
Oh my God!
It's the Merv Griffin set.
How did you get this in here?
Oh, you just bring it in sideways and hook it.
So where are you gonna sleep?
Yeah ... backstage.
Phew! This chair smells like garbage.
Oh, well a lot of the stars from the 70's -
they were not as hygienic as they appeared on TV.
Take Mannix for example.
I'm gonna get that.
All right. Well, Jerry,
we'd love to have you back anytime.
Well, Elaine Benes!
Well, it's great to have you!
Why, is it possible that you are even more beautiful
than the last time I saw you?
We had a deal!
Mr. Peterman,
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