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your wheels.
Oh, no, not Frankie.
Well, I didn't catch his name, but then
he went running into the park.
Oh, no, the woods! The hole!
Kramer, what the hell are you doing?
I know, I'm gonna switch
the bucket to something else.
Not that!
You're in trouble, Kramer.
I shouldn't even be talking to you, but
I'm telling you as a friend.
Here's how it's going
to happen: you may be
walking. Maybe on a crisp,
autumn day just like today.
When a mail truck will slow
beside you, and a door will open,
and a mailman you
know, maybe even trust,
will offer to give you a lift.
Are you through?
No! And no one will ever see you again!
Are you through?
Yes. No, wait! OK, yes.
Quick! Get in!
Oh, no, no, no. That's exactly how you said it
was going down.
There's another way it can go down,
and it's going down right now!
No. You said a mailman I know,
and you're a mailman I know!
I know you know, but
you don't know what I know.
Frankie, is that you?
My name is Edgar.
Have a nice night.
Thank you.
Stupid... so stupid! Jerry?
All right, George. I'm ready.
Yeah, hold on. I'm,
uh, I'm just trying to get
a reading on my dashboard compass.
Where are my parents?
Is this Seinfeld's van? Seinfeld's van?
Seinfeld's van?!
Wait. What's he saying?
I think he's saying "Son
of Sam"! Oh, my God!
No, they caught him.
I knew it wasn't Berkowitz!
So I told him, "Hit the road.
I'm going back with Jack."
Elaine, that's the second
piece of good news today.
Really, what was the first?
They're bringing me back. Yeah. I'm the Wiz
I'm the Wiz! I'm the Wiz!
Well what, what about
your fact-checking job?
Oh... here's a fact. Uh,
I'm... the Wiz! I'm the Wiz
and noooobody beats me!
Frankie... come on out of
You hate the van.
But I'm keeping it.
As much as I hate the idea
of being a van guy,it's much
better than hanging out here
with the nocturnal dirt people.
So, can we go for a ride?
Yeah, let's just get out of here.
Are you done
with that?
Good. He left the door unlocked.
Why did Kramer have to
park the van in the woods?
Isn't it obvious?
There are no parking meters out here.
Hey, look at this. Hoochie
Oh, my goodness.
What have they done to you here?
Huh? Who are you?
Well, you can just call me Henry.
Henry Atkins? The postmaster general?
Last time I checked.
Henry... can I get out of here now?
Oh, oh. Sit a bit. Sit a bit.
I mean, after all, I drove
all the way up here from D.C. just to talk to you.
I even had to cancel a round
of golf with the secretary
of state. Do you like golf, Mr. Kramer?
Kramer, I've been, uh, reading some
of your material  here.
I gotta be honest with you: you make
a pretty strong case.
I mean, just imagine. An army
of men in wool pants running
through the neighborhood handing
out pottery catalogs, door to door.
Well, it's my job. And I'm pretty damn serious
about it.
In addition to being a postmaster,
I'm a general.
And we both know, it's the
job of a general to, by God, get things done.
So maybe you can understand why I get
a little irritated when someone
calls me away from my golf.
I'm sorry.
I'm very very sorry.
I think we got a stack of mail out
at the desk that belongs to you.
Now, you want that mail,
don't you Mr. Kramer?
Sure do!
Now, that's better.
Geez. Newman?
Tell the world my story.
Hey, George!
Jerry! Hey, that's the guy!
What? George Costanza, Frankie Merman.
Oh. The summer me.
The winter me.
You must be George's cousin.
What is that? That van's a-rockin'.
Don't go a-knockin'.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Now you gotta sell this van.
Oh, yeah.
What you saw in that van
was a natural expression
of a man's love for his lady.
Your father's right. It's beautiful.
And it was safe.
Oh, God...
Now if you'll excuse me. Once again, your mother and I...
Oh... make it stop.I just think, if you borrow my blender,
you should return it.
Why, what's the difference?
Come on. We'
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