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Well, for the first quarter mile they
thought that I was just doggin' it.
Hi George. Hi Jimmy.
Yeah, Jimmy why don't you wait outside,
you know, play with something.
What's the kid doing here?
I'm baby-sitting!
Vivian asked me to raise him
if she doesn't make it.
Oh, that's a drag...
That kid...
You put blood in the car?!
Jerry, it was overheating.
You should take better care of that thing.
Well, they told me that I got more blood,
so I guess I owe you again.
You didn't get the blood from me.
- Then who?
Hello Jerry.
- Aaaaahhh...!!!
Aaaahhh...!!!Yeah. Yeah. All right. Uh-huh.
Chinese food!
Oh! There's my Chinese food, I gotta run.
All you.
Who was it?
I did a show for a car dealership
and they're getting me a new SAAB.
What about your old car?
They couldn't get Kramer's blood out of it?
No, the engine clotted. You know
who set this whole thing up for me?
Frank Merman.
Fragile Frankie Merman?
I never liked that guy.
Why? He's harmless.
Every summer you guys
went to camp together.
I was jealous. Felt like
he was the summer me.
He was not the summer you.
Besides, you had a summer me.
Whitey Fisk, the guy who snuck
you into Last Tango in Paris.
I made him up.
So you never saw Last Tango in Paris?
Too bad. It was erotic.
Well... I've had it with these
jackbooted thugs!
"Pottery Barn"?
I got three "Pottery Barn"
catalogs in one day.
That makes eight this month.
Mira Sorvino. Think she'd go out with me?
Why don't you just throw 'em out?
Oh, no. I've been saving them up
here in your apartment. And now,
it's payback time. "Pottery
Barn" is in for a world of hurt.
Can I have one? I need
one of those old-looking
phones. So you wanna grab a bite?
I can't. I gotta make the weekly call to the folks.
So call now.
I gotta prep. I need a
couple of anecdotes, a few
It's a whole procedure
Wasn't Fragile Frankie the one
that used to run into the
woods every time he got upset?
That's him.
Is he still nuts?
What do you think?
They gave me a new car
for thirty minutes of "So,
who's from out of town?"
Seriously, is this the best
okra you've ever had, or what?
Mmm. De-lish.
Delish. You know, short for delicious.
Oh, like scrump.
I'm gonna be late. See ya later.
Excuse me, can I borrow your ketchup?
Oh, sure.
Hey, it's Georgie.
Let me put your father on the phone.
Who is this?
Dad, it's me.
Hey, listen, I was at
Fortunoff's the other day, and,
you know what, you were right.
Chinese food.
Sorry, George, our Chinese food
just came. Talk to you later.
Chinese food?
Hey, you like sending out catalogs!?
How do you like gettin' 'em back!?
So, maybe they had Chinese food?
After dark?
Please. At their age, that's like swallowing stun
Well, there's one way to check.
Where there's Chinese
food, there's leftovers.
Well, gentlemen. Lainie is... in love.
That's dynamite. Yeah, I'll look
for the Chinese food leftovers.
I met this guy! And it was like this, totally unreal,
fairy tale moment.
It wasn't Whitey Fisk, was it?
Oh, George's friend.
Whatever happened to him?
Nothing. Uh, I don't know. I gotta go.
So, this is beautiful. You, and Puddy,
and this new guy, in a
big pot of love stew.
Oh, yeah... Puddy.
Well, I won't fire him
until I see if this new
guy can... handle the workload.
Will you look at this?
More catalogs! "Omaha Steaks",
"Mac Warehouse", "Newsweek"?!
I can't stop all these
companies, so, I'm gonna attack
this problem at the choke point.
Stop the mail?
That's... even better!
So, where's the car?
This is it.
Inside the van?
It is the van!
Don't you remember, we
always talked about how cool
it would be to have
a van and just drive?
We were ten.
Come on. Let's take it for a spin.
I don't want a van.
Well, just tell him you want the SAAB.
You don't understand.
This is Fragile Frankie Merman.
When we were incamp, if you
upset him, he'd run out
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