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sitter have told me
he's bit of a handful.
Oh, handful of sunshine.
I wish I could do this
every day.
Oh Elaine, that's so good to hear.
I've been having a few
health problems lately.
It's not serious, is it?
Well, it might be.
Just in case anything
does happen,it's nice
to know there's
somebody like you around.
Oh yeah, that eh...that is nice to know
It's ok, Jerry. I'm right here.
I can see that! What happened?
That knife, it nicked your jugular.
You know Jerry, when somebody yells
'heads up',
you're not supposed to actually look up.
I'll remember that.
Anyway, you were lucky that I was there.
You lost a lot of blood.
Oh yeah, you've got three pints
of Kramer in you, buddy.
Three pints of Kramer's blood?
I can feel his blood inside of me.
Borrowing things from my blood.
Well, so much for purification week.
So, how's the fornicating gourmet?
Doing quite well, thank you.
Yesterday I had a soft boiled egg
and a quickie. You know what?
If I could add TV to the equation,
that would really be the ultimate.
George, we're trying to have
a civilization here.
Hey, how was baby-sitting?
Oh, just great. I found out that Vivian
has some kind of medical problem
and if the worst happens she wants me
to take care of Jimmy.
Oh, I'm sure it won't be the worst.
It doesn't matter.
If anything happens to her, I'm on deck!
Scissors mishap, air show disaster,
chinese organ thieves..
it's a dangerous world.
She's right, I heard Kramer got mugged out
on the suburbs on a baby-sitting gig.
Look at this, look at the hair
on the back of my neck.
t's all bramble, see it's like
thicket back there.
Look, I need somebody to shave it
for me, huh?
I'm not touching that thing.
Well, I have to say I'm very surprised
and disappointed - blood brother.
Oh, no...
What? Jerry, I gave you my blood.
Listen to your pulse, hey buddy
-hey buddy -hey buddy...
Kramer, I'm not shaving your neck.
So, my blood is not enough.
Would you like a kidney too,
because I'll give it to you?
I'll rip it out right here and stack it
on the table!
All right, all right I'll do it, sit down.
No no no, I don't have time right now.
I'll catch you tonight, we'll do sort
of an all over kind of thing, all right?
Kramer called,
he told that you were in a hospital.
Kramer called you?
He calls every week. Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
He says he's fine.
Tell him to eat a plum.
Jerry, you really have to take
better care of yourself.
e bought you some session with
a personal trainer.
I don't need a personal trainer.
all right I've got to go,
we'll talk about this later.
Why are you calling my parents?
Well, maybe if you called more often,
I wouldn't have to.
Listen, is it all right if I watch a tape in here?
- Why here?
Well, I'm taping Canadian Parliament,
you know on C-Span.
Is it all right if I watch it in your bedroom,
cause your bed is really nice?
No no no no no no no no no no!
I do not want that in here!
All right.
Hello, dough boy.
Mr. Mandelbaum? You're
the personal trainer?
I'm here to whip you in to shape,
so grab your jocks if you need one.
It's go-time.
Elaine? Elaine?
Oh, hi, oh God.
I didn't here you come in.
Where's Jimmy?
I don't know, I don't know...
we had HoHos for dinner and then eh...
and then he put this plastic
bag over his head
and started running
around until he got tired
and then he laid down somewhere I...
I tell you I'm no good watching that kid.
Sleeping like an angel.
Elaine, you're the best.
No! I'm a scatter brain.
That's why I probably can't hold
a job or keep a man!
Be quiet. So, will you watch
Jimmy tomorrow?
All right, but I'm running out
of purses here.
Ok Mr. Mandelbaum,
what you want me to do?
Drop your purse, and pick up
that medicine ball.
Is this a gym, or some kind
of fitness museum?
Not funny, over your head with it.
Are you ready?
For what?
All aboard in
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