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Well, we can transfer to another
bank for you.
Oh, no no no...no more banks.
I'm keeping my blood in my
freezer with...my money!
So eh, what do you say?
I guess we could use some
food in our lovemaking.
Ok, we got your...got your strawberries,
your chocolate sauce,
your pastrami on rye with mustard,
your honey...
Wait wait wait, pastrami
on rye with mustard?
Oh yeah yeah, don't you know  they used
pastrami in that movie 9 weeks?
Remember the pastrami scene?
Well, maybe it was Ghostbusters?
Where ever it was, it worked!
Didn't go for it, huh?
So, she didn't appreciate the erotic
qualities  of the salted cured meats?
She tolerated the strawberries
and the chocolate sauce,
but eh, it's not a meal, you know?
Food and sex, those are my two passions.
It's only natural to combine them.
Sex is about love between a man and
a woman, not a man and a sandwich.
Jerry, I'm not suggesting getting rid
of the girl. She's integral.
Maybe instead of trying to satisfy
two of your needs,
how about satisfying one
of somebody else's.
Hey, speaking of which,
I found a great way to separate the skin
from  the top of the pudding
without leaving any around the edges:
Exacto knife.
I told you George, no more pudding.
I'm starting a purification program.
Keep all that kind of food
away from me.
Well, I guess these would be out
of the question.
What the hell is that?
Pudding skin singles.
Hey buddy, I'm borrowing
all your Tupperware.
Oh, why?
I closed down my account at the blood bank.
What, it...it's here in the building?
Right across the hall.
What, you wanna go see?
No I don't!
In fact, if even one
corpuscles of that blood
should find it's way across that hall
I will freak out on
you Kramer! Freak out.
You know, for a fat guy
you're not very jolly.
Hey, working out?
You know it and I ditched all my junk food.
What the heck is going on here?
Sorry buddy, clean house.
It's all health food.
Well, I may have to take it,
but I don't have to like it.
Vivian left me a message.
I guess a certain someone changed
her mind
about whether someone was responsible
enough to watch certain other someone.
Is this about me?
Oh, then I lost interest.
Vivian, hi it's Elaine.
Yeah, I'm over at Jerry's,
I got your message...What?
Yeah, he's right here, hold on...
For me? Go...Yeah, what tonight?
Yeah, I'll be there...Yeah later.
Well, somebody's baby-sitting.
You? I'm more responsible than you are!
Don't be ridiculous.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go
to fill my freezer with my own blood.
Hello, Vivian! Oh, this is a nice screen.
Don't take my money!
It is me, you idiot.
Hi, all right you've
got to get out of here,
I'm gonna baby-sit the
hell out of that kid.
No, I'm the baby-sitter.
No no no, you're out,
I'm in. Now, hit the road.
Elaine? What are you doing here?
Kramer is actually sleeping one off,
so I thought that I'd help out...
what's that, some raccoon or something...
Well, I guess this would be all right.
Jimmy, you remember Elaine?
She's gonna watch you tonight.
Hi Jimmy.Ouch!
Hey, what are you doing here?
I thought you were
baby-sitting at Vivian's.
here was an incident.
Oh no, where's the blood?
It's in here isn't it?
Would you stop it.
What is this?
It's Jell-O.
What about this?
This is blood isn't it?!
This is tomato juice, look...
Ooh, you're sick! You're sick!!
Will you calm down. I took all
my blood down to Newman's.
He let me put it in his meat freezer.
Hey, what's going on?
Who made pudding?
Oh yeah yeah, George he came by and
made more of those pudding skin singles.
They're delicious.
Damn that George,
I told him I don't want this
stuff around here anymore...
Heads up!
You're dead, president Lincoln!
You're dead!
I wish I was dead.
Can I have your juice?
As long as you don't put...
Thanks for the re-fill.
Hey, Elaine! How did it go?
Oh, he's...he's a joy...
Really? Some
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