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the High Holidays?
Elaine? 'Lainie?
So, that's it. All of my darkest fears,
and... everything I'm
capable of. That's me.
Yikes. Well, good look with all that.
Where you going? I-I thought I could count
on you for a little compassion.
I think you scared me straight
All right, Jerome, I'm in.
Maybe we should get married.
Maybe everything we need is
right here in front of us.
Jer... let's do it.
I tell ya, I don't see it happening.
What? What happened to the new Jerry?
He doesn't work here anymore.
Oh, well that's just *great!*
I love you, Jerry.
Right back at ya, Slick.
You know, all these years,
I've always wanted to see the
two of you get back together.
Well, that's because you're an idiot.
You single-handedly
brought Costanza and Son
to the brink of bankruptcy.
Well what about all the Lloyd Braun sales?
He's crazy.
His phone wasn't even hooked up.
He just liked ringing
that bell.
I told you to clean out this garage.
I have to put my car in!
This is a place of business.
I told you never to come in here.
Serenity now!
All right...
Dad, you really should lay off
the 'serenity now' stuff.
So, what am I supposed to say?
'Hoochie mama'?
Move your crap,
I'm comin' in!
No you're not! Hoochie mama!
Hoochie mama!Are you sure you can't stay longer?
No, we just came for the funeral. `
Poor Marvin Kessler, he went too early.
He was 96 years old.
That had nothing to do with it,
the man was out of shape.
That's why we joined a program.
We walk once around the
block three times a week.
And every morning I eat a plum.
Well, what ever you do,
you're wearing me out.
What about you?
Yeah, looks like you're getting
a little spare tire there, tiger.
Hey, Seinfelds!
Hey, Mr. Kramer!
How long are you staying?
We just came down for a funeral.
Oh yeah, yeah I heard, Marvin Kessler.
Boy, that makes you
think. If he could go...
See you downstairs with the car.
Are you sure you don't need
a hand with that?
No no, the luggage is on the program.
I got a brick in here.
Did you give blood?
No, not giving. hoarding.
I'm storing it in to a blood bank.
Just in case.
In case of what?
Jerry, I know myself.
If I'm out on the street
and it's starts to go
down, I don't back off
until it's finished.
Are we finished?
Elaine, I'm so glad you came out.
You haven't seen Jimmy for years.
I know, I'm glad I got to see him
before he hit puberty and got,
you know all lurchy and awkward.
Actually, I'm gonna need someone to look
after him tomorrow evening.
Tomorrow evening, sure.
Do you know anyone responsible?
Do I know anyone??
Well, if you think of anybody,
give me a call.
What are you doing?
Incense, for the mood.
Oh yes, by no means, the mood.
Let me know if there's anything
I can do to lend support to the mood.
Um, cream soda?
Can you believe that, Vivian
doesn't think I'm responsible?
Who wants to responsible?
When ever anything goes wrong,
he first thing they ask is:
who's responsible for this?
I couldn't raise a kid? Come on,
I love bossing people around.
What happened, I thought you were
with Tara tonight?
I was, I had to leave.
She lit some vanilla incenses.
The smell drove me
nuts, all I could think
about was food, I  had
to get out of there.
We need some pudding here! Pudding!
You just left? What did you tell her?
I told I had a bus transfer that was
only good just for another hour.
I don't know, I was starving Jerry!
Oh, pudding! You want some?
Hey,you guys think I'm
getting a little chunky?
What are you kidding? We look great!
You know what this pudding needs?
The skin on the top, you know like
your mother used to make it on the stove.
Elaine, what do you think?
I think you're getting a little pudding
under the skin yourself.
My service rates went up?
You banks are all the same with your
hidden fees and your service charges.
Well, maybe I'll just take
my blood elsewhere, yeah.
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