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Come on.
What the hell?
Now do you see
what l'm talking about?
Will you take these handcuffs
off me?
No. Get walking.
There's a fire-lookout tower
on the far side of Toluca Lake.
-lt should have a radio.
-Fuck you, you stupid cop.
This place is completely cut off.
-You have no idea what's going on.
Hey, you up there!
l'm a police officer!
What's going on?
What is that?
Stand back.
Jesus Christ, shoot it.
Stay where you are!
Mrs. Da Silva,
I am an officer of the law...
...and I will take you to safety.
Mrs. Da Silva,
I am an officer of the law...
...and I will take you to safety.
-Why don't you let me do that?
-Ninety percent of the time...
...when a wife takes a run...
...she takes the daughter
to a place like this...
...l'd say she's damn mad
at her husband.
You like hauling skeletons
out of your family closet?
No, not all the time, but we're
driving on top of them right now.
Coal fire's still burning
You see the barbershop over there?
-Used to be my father's.
-Your father?
He's dead.
November '7 4,
when the fire caught.
They tried to evacuate this place
as quick as they could...
...but it was hellish, people were
dying and disappearing.
Hell, they couldn't even find
half the bodies.
That was the end of Silent Hill.
These were good people,
most of them.
Some, you might say deserved it.
A little bit.
Where are you hiding?
Burn the witch! Burn the witch!
Burn the witch!
Alessa Gillespie.
lt's okay.
lt's gonna be okay.
l promise l'm gonna help you.
Come on.
Oh, God.
Come on.
Help me. Oh, God.
Please, please, help me. Help--
Help me. Please, help me.
Help me. Help me, please.
lt's happening again.
Help me! Please! Please!
Come on! Come on!
-Put your mask on.
Rose, where are you?
-l felt her.
-You what?
Her perfume.
-She was here.
-Who was?
-My wife.
-She wasn't here. Put this mask on.
-Breathe. Through that mask.
Come on, let's go.
We're gonna go this way.
Chris, come on.
-She was here.
-No, no, she wasn't here.
l know it.
Come on.
Come on. Let's keep looking.
Get off! Get off! Get off!
Get me that pipe.
Rose, the pipe!
Okay. Okay.
-l got it. l got it.
-Quick, come on!
Can we get out of here?
We're trapped.
Last mag.
-That's all the bullets you got?
You hear that?
That's him.
Stay down! Stay down!
Jesus Christ.
Get down!
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
You saw that, right?
That was real?
What the fuck is going on?
All right, l know this is crazy. l know.
We gotta calm right down,
because my kid is not here...
...and l've gotta find her
before this happens again.
l don't even know where to start.
l found this.
lt's from a hotel.
l don't know where it is,
but she is in this hotel.
lt's gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
Now, don't be trying
anything, all right?
We got men up here
all night long.
We're gonna find your wife,
we're gonna find your daughter.
Can't have civilians
wandering around on their own.
You're not telling me everything.
What really happened up here?
Just let it rest in peace.
-Directory assistance.
-Toluca County Archives, please.
One moment.
-Yeah, listen.
Do you have the records there
from Silent Hill?
-Which records, sir?
-The police records.
Sorry, sir,
those records are confidential.
No, no, l can't--
No, listen, l--
Sorry, sir,
I can't access that information.
-Listen, goddamn it.
-This is an emergency.
-I can't--
I can't help you.
They used to say
this place was haunted.
l think they were right.
Help! No!
-Stay away.
-Come on.
Stay away, sinner.
Get back!
lt's here.
Faith is our destroyer.
Faith has brought us doom.
-Get back!
-Hey, hey!
-Get back!
-Hey, stop.
Think you of thee
who cast the first stone.
Lambs without a

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