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please, tell her to wait for me.
Yes, she's mine.
-lt was mine.
-lt's mine.
-lt's mine.
-lt's mine!
-lt's mine!
-Get off me!
lnto the fire
she swallowed their hate.
-Hi there.
Listen, my wife,
she came through here last night.
-Maybe you saw her?
-Daughter worked night shift.
Actually, she was heading
for this place, Silent Hill.
-How do l get there?
-You don't.
Town's closed down
because of the coal fire...
...still burning underground,
you know?
Breathe enough of them fumes,
oh, bound to kill you.
...where's the turnoff?
Come on.
Hi, this is Chris.
Please leave a message.
Christopher, it's me.
l'm in Silent Hill.
l'm sorry, l made a mistake.
Sharon's lost,
but l think l know where she is...
...so l'm going to the school
to look for her.
l'm not okay, all right?
l need your help.
Please, please, hurry.
Fuck. Come on!
Ma'am, l want you to put
both hands on the wheel.
Put both hands on the wheel.
Where's the little girl, ma'am?
Please, my daughter, she's gone.
l need your help.
-Get out of the car.
Move it.
Jesus, what are you doing?
-You're under arrest.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
l don't think you understand.
There's something weird going on.
My daughter, she's in danger.
lf you really cared,
you wouldn't have sped off.
Listen to me, she 's ill.
She sleepwalks.
Just calm right down.
l'm gonna find the little girl.
Officer Bennett to base, over.
Base, do you copy, over?
-You're bleeding.
Cracked my head on the road
pretty good...
...when my bike went down.
l must have been out for a while.
-You all right to walk?
Then it looks like we'll be
hiking back to Brahams.
You're going back to the station.
-Are you kidding?
Have you heard
a single word l've said?
-Yeah, l hear you.
-Have you heard...
...a single word l've said?
l'm sure she's at the school,
we just need to turn around....
--Silent Hill--
--think I know where--
--going to the school to look for her--
I'm not okay--
I need your-- Your help.
Please, hurry!
Sorry, sir, this road is closed.
You'll have to turn around.
l'm looking for my wife.
She may have come through here.
She drives a Jeep Liberty.
Silver, Ohio plates.
Sir, this man's wife
was driving the Jeep.
Bring him down.
-Come on.
-You've seen her?
Where is she?
lnspector Thomas Gucci.
Enjoying the weather, are you?
For God's sake,
l'm trying to find my wife.
l know. Hang on a second.
Now, that vehicle you were
talking about, we found it.
lt's at the end of the bridge here,
but it's empty.
We've got no indication
anyone's come under any harm.
-Good Christ.
-Now, you mind telling me...
...what your wife's doing
up here, Mr...?
-Da Silva, Chris Da Silva.
-My pleasure, Chris--
The faster we start looking,
the faster we're gonna find her.
All right, hold your horses,
hold your horses, Chris.
l've also got a missing deputy.
And knowing Officer Cybil Bennett
the way l do...
...she's probably out there looking
for your wife and daughter.
Bobby, make sure no one
comes through that barricade.
We're gonna get our asses up
to Silent Hill.
-Let's take a look around.
-Yes, sir.
While Chris here tells me
what's going on.
She disappeared yesterday.
l spoke to her...
...when she stopped for gas
in Brahams.
Why were you coming up here
in the middle of the night?
-l thought it would help her.
-You people. You get off the highway...
...from whatever big city, bringing
all your sick problems with you.
Why aren't you listening to me?
We had a guy come up here
two years ago...
...snatched a little boy from a rest stop,
dropped him into a mine vent.
l never wanna see
anything like that again.
Look, l don't know what
you're thinking, but you're not helping.
There is no way l would ever
harm my own daughter.
How do l even know
she is your

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