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I had over $700.
You went into
my wallet for pizza.
Just maybe
when you went into-
Count it!
Like you'd keep it
in there.
There's $263 in there.
If there's more,
you can call me a thief.
Count it!
263, right?
We were robbed.
Do you think so?
I've been thinking.
What we're dealing with
is a smalltime crook.
He didn't take
the credit cards,
so we charge
our way home.
I've got a Visa
and a gasoline card.
Oh, and a Neiman-Marcus card
in case we want
to buy a gift.
What have you got?
Chalmer's Big and Tall
Men's Shoppe,
a seven-outlet chain in
the Pacific Northwest.
it does us no good here.
Get me to the train station,
and I'll take care
of everything else.
Gus' son is picking us up.
This is not him, is it?
Gee, I hope not.
Are you Gus' son?
I'm Owen.
You the shower
curtain fella?
Yeah. Yeah.
Del Griffith.
How are you?
This is Neal Page
from Chicago.
Pleased to meet you both.
I'm to drive you to Wichita
to catch a train?
Yeah, we'd appreciate it.
Train don't run
out of Wichita.
'Lessen you're a hog
or cattle.
People train
runs out of Stubbville.
That'll be fine.
That'll be just fine.
Leave it be.
Get your lazy behind out here
and put that in back.
No. We've got it.
It's very heavy.
She don't mind.
She's short and skinny,
but she's strong.
Her first baby...
come out sideways.
She didn't scream
or nothing.
Isn't that something?
You're a real trooper.
We've got it already.
It's done.
You know, Stubbville's
a little further than Wichita.
How much further?
30 miles.
Maybe 40.
No more
than 45 though,
on how he goes.
It could be anywhere
up to 70 miles.
Woof! Woof!
Give me the glove.
Ow! Just nipped.
Little part. Ooh!
Give him the goddamn glove!
Are we there yet?
No, a little way to go yet.
Beautiful country though,
isn't it?
What do you figure
the temperature is?
They didn't have
two together.
You got to
be kidding me.
Oh, I knew it.
The secretary was new,
and I explained it.
Oh, ge-I'm sorry.
They're just full.
It's the holidays,
I guess.
Hey, we're lucky
we got a ticket.
Yeah. So, if I don't see you again.
Want to meet for a drink
on the train?
I'm going to sleep.
You sure?
Yeah. Anyway,
it's been interesting.
That's the understatement
of the year.
And thanks
for the ticket.
Neal! I need your address.
I got to pay you back
for this ticket.
Ticket's a gift.
No, no. Come on now.
What's the address?
Del, it's a gift.
Happy holidays.
Same to you.
Going home for Thanksgiving?
Me, too.
We're just going to make it.
What did you do here?
Do you smell smoke?
You walk a mile
to the highway.
The trucks will take you
into Jefferson City.
You're in a lousy mood, huh?
To say the least.
You ever travel
by bus before?
Your mood's probably
not going to improve much.
 Well, I got you
in my sights 
Just one of those
nights with you 
 And if you wanna
fool around 
 Well, let me
pin you to the ground 
Neal, Neal.
Check that out.
 All the little boys
are into soul 
 And all the girls
wanna rock 'n' roll 
 You all wanna dance 
 It's what you're
paid to do 
Beats a movie on a plane, huh?
Take a picture.
It'll last longer.
You got busted.
Oh, that was good.
This is a good time
to tell you this.
Our tickets are
only good to St. Louis.
St. Louis to Chi-town
is booked tighter
than Tom Thumb's ass.
... For it's
Thanksgiving Day 
All right!
That was fun,
wasn't it?
All right.
Who wants to sing a tune?
Who's got a song?
I got one, uh...
Neal Page has got one.
 Three coins
in a fountain 
 Each one
seeking happi- 
 Seeking happiness 
 Thrown by three
hopeful lovers 
meet the Flintstones 
 They're the modern
stone-age family 
 From the town
of Bedrock 
 They're a page
right outta history 
 When you're
with the Flintstones 
 Have a
,   ,


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