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Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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Once you screw
with these,
you never get comfortable.
Quit screwing with it.
I'm getting comfortable.
Do you have a bad back?
Well, I do,
and there's only
a couple good positions.
You're going to break it.
Ah, lovely.
Lovely, lovely.
Oh, damn it.
What now?
I can't reach my feet
to get my shoes off.
That's fine.
Leave your shoes on.
I can't relax
that way.
I don't care to breathe
your foot odor.
It must be swell being so perfect
and odor-free.
Things about you
bother me,
but I'm decent enough
not to bring them up.
What about me
bothers you?
There's lots of things.
Name one.
You want me to name one?
Fine, um...
you play with
your balls a lot.
I do not play
with my balls.
Larry Bird doesn't
handle the ball
as much as you do.
You trying
to start a fight?
I'm simply
stating a fact.
You fidget
with your nuts.
Know what make me happy?
Another couple of balls
and an extra set of fingers?
Oh, that's humor.
Oh, that's real humor.
I'd be happy if you rested
your mouth.
My pleasure.
I'd like a little silence.
No problem.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You broke the seat.
You broke the goddamn seat.
I don't believe it.
It wasn't broken
when I got out.
You broke it.
It's impossible
to break them.
You want to drive?
No. Why did you do this?
I won't be held responsible for
faulty engineering.
This is comfortable.
This is really comfortable.
I don't want to argue.
Let's not fight.
All right, all right.
Then I'm going to sleep.
All right.
I'm putting my wallet
in the glove compartment.
Don't let me
forget it.
All right.
[Radio Music Plays Loudly]
# Ah, you can
talk about the pit #
# Barbecue #
# The band was jumpin'#
# The people, too
I mess around #
# They doin'
the mess around #
# They doin'
the mess around #
# Everybody doin'
the mess around #
# Now-ow, when I say stop,
don't you move a peg #
# When I say go #
# Just shake your leg
and do the mess around #
# I said
do the mess around #
# Now let me
have it there, boys #
# Now you got it, boys #
# Yeah #
# Go on and mess around #
# Now this band's gonna play
from 9:00 to 1:00 #
# Everybody here's
gonna have some fun #
# Doin'the mess around #
# They're doin'
the mess around #
# Everybody do
the mess around ##
That was Ray Charles
Doin' The Mess Around.
Weather's beginning
to clear up.
Hope you're
enjoying your evening.
It's almost
half past the hour...
Oh, come on.
All right.
Oh, shit!
[Tires Squeal]
There you go.
Think it out.
Just relax.
Let go! Let go.
What's happening?
Oh, we almost hit a deer.
That's all.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
Yes, I'm fine.
It's hot in here.
Take your parka off.
Yes. Yes, I will.
[Truck Horns Blare]
Holy shit!
That guy's on the wrong side.
He's going to
kill somebody!
Oh, my God!
[Horn Honks]
Hey, what's going on?
Some joker wants to race.
Turn around!
Don't race.
It's ridiculous.
All right, come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Put your window down!
He wants something.
He's probably drunk.
You're going
the wrong way!
You're going
the wrong way!
He says we're going
the wrong way.
Oh, he's drunk.
How would he know
where we're going?
Yeah, how would he know?
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
[Honk Honk]
What a moron.
You're going in
the wrong direction!
You're going to kill somebody!
You're going
the wrong way!
[Truck Horns Blare]
Truck. Truck.
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
[Horn Honks]
Well, this isn't so bad.
I thought it would be
a lot worse than this.
They'll be able
to buff this out.
Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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