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Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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Give me the glove.
Ow! Just nipped.
Little part. Ooh!
Give him the goddamn glove!
Are we there yet?
No, a little way to go yet.
[Teeth Chattering]
Beautiful country though,
isn't it?
What do you figure
the temperature is?
They didn't have
two together.
You got to
be kidding me.
Oh, I knew it.
The secretary was new,
and I explained it.
Oh, ge... I'm sorry.
They're just full.
It's the holidays,
I guess.
Hey, we're lucky
we got a ticket.
Yeah. So, if I don't see you again.
Want to meet for a drink
on the train?
I'm going to sleep.
You sure?
Yeah. Anyway,
it's been interesting.
That's the understatement
of the year.
And thanks
for the ticket.
Neal! I need your address.
I got to pay you back
for this ticket.
Ticket's a gift.
No, no. Come on now.
What's the address?
Del, it's a gift.
Happy holidays.
Same to you.
[Train Whistle Blowing]
Going home for Thanksgiving?
Me, too.
We're just going to make it.
[Train Screeching, Rumbling]
What did you do here?
Do you smell smoke?
You walk a mile
to the highway.
The trucks will take you
into Jefferson City.
You're in a lousy mood, huh?
To say the least.
You ever travel
by bus before?
Your mood's probably
not going to improve much.
# Well, I got you
in my sights #
#Just one of those
nights with you #
# And if you wanna
fool around #
# Well, let me
pin you to the ground #
Neal, Neal.
Check that out.
# All the little boys
are into soul #
# And all the girls
wanna rock 'n' roll #
# You all wanna dance #
# It's what you're
paid to do ##
Beats a movie on a plane, huh?
Take a picture.
It'll last longer.
You got busted.
Oh, that was good.
This is a good time
to tell you this.
Our tickets are
only good to St. Louis.
St. Louis to Chi-town
is booked tighter
than Tom Thumb's ass.
#... For it's
Thanksgiving Day ##
All right!
That was fun,
wasn't it?
All right.
Who wants to sing a tune?
Who's got a song?
I got one, uh...
Neal Page has got one.
# Three coins
in a fountain #
# Each one
seeking happi... #
# Seeking happiness #
# Thrown by three
hopeful lovers ##
# Flintstones,
meet the Flintstones #
# They're the modern
stone-age family #
# From the town
of Bedrock #
# They're a page
right outta history #
# When you're
with the Flintstones #
# Have a yabba-dabba-do
time #
# A dabba-do time #
# You'll have
a gay old time ##
My name's Del Griffith.
I'm with the American
Light and Fixture Company,
jewelry division.
I've got a great deal.
This is your Diane Sawyer
autographed earring.
Do you ever watch Sixty Minutes?
This is Czechoslovakian ivory.
That's it. It's $5.00.
This is your
Walter Cronkite moon ring.
Thank you.
They are filled
with helium,
so they're very light.
Thank you.
This is an autographed
Darryl Strawberry earring.
All right!
These are very
special earrings.
These were originally
for the Grand Wizard of China
back in the fourth century.
These aren't
the originals,
but they are replicas.
Very good replicas, too.
They're selling
for $5.00 a pair.
# Spring over the ground
like a hunting hound #
# For this
is Thanksgiving Day ##
I'm Marti Page,
and I'm thankful
that my dad's coming home
for Thanksgiving.
You know something?
It makes you look
a little older, too.
You could pass
for 18 or 19.
Did you call the wife?
No one was home.
Probably at my daughter's
Thanksgiving pageant.
You missed it.
I'm sorry. Those...
those are the precious moments, too.
They don't come back again.
I've been spending too much time
away from home.
I haven't been home
in years.
What, seriously?
It's a figure of speech.
I'm away so much,
it's like not being there.
I called a friend of mine
at Eastern Airlines.
It doesn't look good.
I know.
I called all the airlines.
Well, at least we're
sitting on over 100 beans
from my brilliant
Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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