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Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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I knew I knew you. Yeah.
You scared the bejesus
out of me.
It was awful easy getting a cab
during rush hour.
Forget it.
I can't forget it.
I am sorry.
I had no idea
that was your cab.
Let me make it
up to you somehow.
How about a hot dog
and a beer?
Uh, no, thanks.
Just a hot dog, then.
I'm picky about what I eat.
Some coffee.
Soda? Some tea?
Lifesavers? Slurpee?
Sir, please.
Just let me know. I'm here.
I knew I knew you.
You should have discussed this
with the ticket agent.
I didn't know
he put me in coach.
I'm sorry.
First class is full.
I have a first class ticket.
You have a coach
seat assignment.
Hi, Larry.
Hi, Liz.
Here OK?
Oh, here, there.
Anywhere's fine.
Pardon me.
You'll get a refund
on the difference.
I want a seat
in first class
where I was booked
over a month ago.
I've had
enough of you.
Now take your seat.
You've had enough of me?
First you delay me,
then you bump me.
What happens next?
Is this a coincidence or what?
Have a seat.
I never did
introduce myself.
Del Griffith.
American Light
and Fixture...
Director of sales,
shower curtain ring division.
I sell shower
curtain rings.
Best in the world.
And you are?
Uh, Neal Page.
Neal Page.
Pleased to meet you, Neal Page.
So what do you do
for a living, Neal Page?
Marketing? Super.
Super. Fabulous.
Isn't that nice?
I don't want
to be rude, but...
I'm not much
of a conversationalist.
I'd like to finish
this article.
A friend wrote it, so...
Don't let me stop you.
Last thing I want to be
is an annoying
Nothing grinds my gears
worse than
some chowderhead
who can't keep
his trap shut.
Catch me running
off at the mouth,
give me a poke.
Ohh, that feels good.
Oh, God,
I'm telling you.
My dogs are barking today.
That feels better.
[Cough Cough]
Six bucks and my right nut
says we're not
landing in Chicago.
[Telephone Rings]
Where are you?
I'm in Wichita.
Wichita, Kansas?
Are you all right?
What happened?
We couldn't land
in Chicago.
I don't understand
what Wichita has to do
with a snowstorm
in Chicago?
What's going on, Neal?
We took off
from New York,
they closed Chicago,
we landed here.
Trouble on the home front?
I really don't think that's
any of your concern.
The finest line
a man will walk
is between success at work
and success at home.
I got a motto...
like your work, love your wife.
Well, I'll remember that.
What's the flight situation?
No way we'll get out
of here tonight.
We'd have more luck
playing pickup sticks
with our butt cheeks.
We'll find out soon enough.
By the time the airline
cancels this flight,
which they will eventually,
you'd have a better chance finding
a three-legged ballerina
than a hotel room.
I could be stuck here?
I'm saying
you are stuck here.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have
your attention, please.
I'm sorry to announce
that we're canceling
flight 909
due to severe weather
in Chicago.
Hi, I was wondering
if you had any rooms
available for tonight?
Anything will do.
I'm sorry.
Is there another motel...
Welcome to Wichita.
Did you book a room yet?
I, uh, couldn't
get in anywhere.
When we arrived,
you called home.
I called
the Braidwood Inn.
I missed that one.
I got an idea.
I know the manager.
If you pick up
the cab fare,
I'll make sure
you get a room.
Yeah. Yeah, sure. Great.
All right.
Grab an end
of this thing, will you?
Thanks a lot.
Is this your trunk?
Yeah. You should try
lugging this thing
around New York City.
# Well,
it takes you up #
# And it
beats you down, yeah #
# It plays around #
# And it spends
your money... ##
Where the hell
is the motel?
is it much farther?
Not much.
Why didn't you
take the interstate?
Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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