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Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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think so?
Oh, I'm laughing already.
Oh, God.
When that car blew up.
Was that seat hot or what?
I felt like a big Whopper.
Turn me over. I'm done on this side.
I'm afraid to look at my ass,
I'll have griddle marks on my ass...
What is that?
Potato chips.
They're everywhere!
This feels like summer camp.
Now, how the hell does this turn off?
Just a minute.
- Give it a good push.
- All right.
- All right.
- Oh, jeez.
- Push! Push!
- I am! I am!
Push, for Christ's sake!
- We have to rock it.
- All right. OK.
Up and down. Here we go. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Here we go.
- Aww!
- Huh.
Get in!
# Blue moon of Kentucky,
keep on shinin'
# Shine on the one who's
gone and proved untrue
# Blue moon of Kentucky,
keep on shinin'
# Shine on the one who's
gone and left me blue
# It was on a moonlit night
# Stars shinin' bright
# They whispered from on high
# Your love has said goodbye
# Blue moon of Kentucky,
keep on shinin'... #
Oh, great. Great. A cop. Watch it!
How fast are you going?
I can't tell.
The speedometer's melted.
Top of the morning, Officer.
Is there something
I can help you with?
- What the hell you driving?
- We had a small fire last night.
You know how fast you were going?
I was just talking
to my friend about that.
Our speedometer's melted so it's very
hard to say how fast we were going.
78 miles an hour.
78, huh?
Well, yeah. I could buy that. Sure.
You'd know better than us, specially
since we got a melted speedometer.
Do you feel this vehicle
is safe for highway travel?
Yes, I do. I really do.
I believe that...
It's not pretty but it'll
get you where you want to go.
- You got no outside mirror.
- We lost that.
- You have no functioning gauges.
- No, not a one.
However, the radio still works,
funny as that may seem.
The radio's the only thing
that's working.
It's clear as a bell.
Don't ask me how.
- I can't let you go in this vehicle.
- Can't what?
It's not fit for the road.
It'll be impounded
until it can be made safe for travel.
OK, Officer, I admit I broke the law,
and for that I'm really sorry.
You got me there
and I won't argue one iota, I swear.
However, um...
if you impound our car,
I'm gonna be unable to get my friend
home for his Thanksgiving dinner.
Well, our ship has come in.
It's free, and it's non-stop.
- I said I'd get you home.
- So long as the heater works.
The driver's a little freaky
about people riding in his cab.
- So we can't sit there.
- Then where are we supposed to ride?
Beats walking, huh?
You're gonna be in Chicago in
less than three hours, around there.
If we don't hit any traffic,
and I don't think we should.
It's Thanksgiving.
We're moving now.
You believe this?
- It's been a hell of a trip.
- Sure has.
But, uh, after all's said and done,
you got me home and I appreciate it.
Next time,
let's go first class, all right?
- I hope there isn't a next time.
- I know what you mean!
This you?
It's been great meeting you.
Sorry if I caused any trouble.
No, you didn't, you got me home,
and, uh... a little late...
Coupla days.
But, uh... I'm a little wiser,
too, so...
Me, too.
- Happy holidays.
- Same to you.
Happy Thanksgiving, Neal.
Give my love to the family.
- Maybe I'll meet them one day.
- Say hello to Marie for me.
- And have a happy Thanksgiving.
- Hey, you know it.
So long.
I like... I like me.
My wife likes me.
At the very least,
the absolute minimum,
you've got a woman you love
to grow old with, right?
I spend too much time away.
I haven't been home in years.
Del, what are you doing here?
You said you were going home.
What are you doing here?
I, uh...
I don't have a home.
Marie's been dead for eight years.
Boy, you are one lucky guy, Neal.
I know.
I won't stay long. Maybe I'll just
say hi, then I'll be on my way.
Just come on.
Hiya, kiddo.
Hey! Hey!
Neal's home!
Del, my father-
Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем

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