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the sooner you get that clear to your head,
the better.
Holy smokes!
My father makes fireworks in the cellar.
- How did that sound to you?
- Pretty good.
I guess we'd better be going, Tony.
- Say, he was pretty mad, wasn't he?
- He certainly was.
That might get you into trouble,
Mr. Vanderhof.
No, not me.
I was only having fun with him.
I don't owe the government a cent.
- We're going. Good night, everybody.
- Good night.
- We're going. Good night, everybody.
- Good night.
- Hello, everybody.
- Hello, Kolenkhov.
You know, never have i seen you look
more magnificent.
Thank you. Mr. Kirby, this is Mr. Kolenkhov,
Essie's dancing teacher.
- I don't know you, but you are a lucky man.
- Thank you.
- I practiced today, Mr. Kolenkhov.
- My Pavlova.
- Grandpa, i am in time for dinner, no?
- You are in time for dinner, yes.
Goodbye, Mr. Kolenkhov.
We're going to the Monte Carlo Ballet.
The Monte Carlo Ballet?
It stinks.
Good night, everybody.
- Good night.
- Good night.
The Monte Carlo Ballet!
Dinner's ready.
My little Rhebocka,
what would i do without my angel?
Only three shirts this time. But they must be washed
by your beautiful little hands...
...and would you sew on
two little buttons?
Monte Carlo Ballet! Sergei Diaghilev!
Then you have ballet.
Quite, please.
Well, sir. Here we are again.
We've been getting on pretty good for a while now,
and we're certainly much obliged.
Looks like Alice is going to get married,
and i think she'll be very happy...
...because we just met the boy you sent her
and he looks fine.
Remember, all we ask is just to go along
the way we are and keep our health...
...as far as anything else is concerned,
we leave that up to you.
Thank you.
Mr. Kolenkhov,
did you bring me any Russian stamps?
No. Nobody writes to me. They're all dead.
I was just thinking about
that family of yours.
Living with them must be like living in a world
that Walt Disney might have thought of.
Everybody does just as he pleases,
doesn't he?
Yes, Grandpa started it.
He just suddenly quit business one day.
He started up in the elevator,
turn around, came right down again and never went back.
He could have been a rich man,
but he said he wasn't having any fun.
That's wonderful.
Then he started collecting stamps
because that's what he liked best.
You know, he gets paid
just to appraise collections.
- He's an expert.
- That's marvelous.
My dad, he makes fireworks
because he never grew up, i guess.
And, Mother.
Do you know why Mother writes plays?
She likes literature and good books or something.
No, because eight years ago, a typewriter
was delivered to the house by mistake.
If it had been a plough,
she'd have taken up farming, huh?
I'm sure of it, if she'd liked it.
This is just making conversation, but weren't we
supposed to go to the ballet?
Yes. Well, let's see.
Yes, second seat over, miss.
I can talk and i can listen, or i can just sit.
- What will you have?
- Well, i think i'd like to have this first.
- Mr. Moody, what are you thinking about?
- Me?
That family of yours.
Boy, they knocked me for a loop.
I don't know.
It just seems like, in their own way,
they've found what everybody's looking for.
People spend their whole lives
building castles in the air...
...and then nothing ever comes of them.
Wonder why that is?
It takes courage.
Everybody's afraid to live.
You ought to hear Grandpa on that subject.
You know, he says...
...most people nowadays are run by fear,
fear of what they eat...
...fear of what they drink,
fear of their jobs, their future, their health.
They're scared to save money,
and scared to spend it.
You know what his pet aversion is?
People who commercialize on fear,
scare you to death to sell you something...
...you don't need.
- Yeah, i agree with him.
So he kind of taught all of us
not to be afraid of anything...
...and to do what we want to do,
and, well, it's kind of fun,

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