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С собой не унесешь

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No. I didn't mean you.
- You weren't going out, were you?
- Yes. I thought i...
We had a date, don't you remember?
I'm sorry. I forgot.
Yeah, we ought to discuss where to go,
don't you think?
We can't just pop out of the building
with no place to go.
That's a very bad idea.
I knew two people that did that once.
They went out of the building.
They were uncertain, so they just walked
and walked, and finally they just died...
...of hunger.
You wouldn't want anything like that to happen.
Because if that happened....
You're so beautiful.
Sometimes you're so beautiful
it just gags me.
Maybe you're not real.
Maybe you're a phantom or something.
I keep expecting you to vanish.
Look, you better sit over here for a while.
Phantoms don't vanish very often
in a sitting position.
There. Now, wait a minute.
Now, let's see.
- That's a very lovely picture.
- Tony, i...
Now, wait a minute. Don't say anything.
Now look, phantom.
Last night i informed that irate lady
that was just in your office a moment ago...
...that i was going to marry you.
I don't remember you telling it to me.
Well, you didn't ask me.
- That's right, i didn't.
- No, but she did.
I talked about you so much
that she finally said:
"Next thing i expect to hear from you
is that you're gonna marry the girl."
And i said, "Yeah, that's it exactly."
- What did she say?
- Nothing.
- Just fainted dead away.
- No, she took it standing up.
You know, if you scratch
under the surface here...
...you'll find a proposal lying around.
I admit it's kind of left-handed.
I can't help that.
I'm sort of a left-handed guy, you know.
Oh, Tony.
What about them?
Mother and Dad?
Did you see the way she looked at me?
I know just what she was thinking.
Alice. Now,listen. There seems to be the impression around here
that the Kirbys are ogres or something.
If they are,
that doesn't make any difference to me.
They're just putty in my hands, Alice.
I never in my life wanted anything that i couldn't get
if i just yelled loud enough.
Worked like a charm when i was a baby,
and since then...
...l've had so much practice that i'm terrific.
Here, i'll give you general an idea.
Oh, Tony.
One little detail i forgot to mention.
I love you, Alice.
-Hello, Grandpa.
-Hey, Grandpa.
Yes, i have some of Essie's Love Dreams.
There he is. That's him. The man on the crutches.
You've got to get something on him.
What do you want us to do with?
I don't care what to do with him,
just make him sell that property,that's all.
-Hello, Grandpa, how's the foot?
-Hello, Mac. Oh, fine, thanks.
Say, what's the meeting
over at Jensen's bakery?
They're excited about having to move out or something.
- Move out?
- Yes, that's what i heard.
They're coming over to see you now,
i guess.
Did you hear about it, Grandpa?
We maybe all have to move.
Who said so?
Everybody around here talking about it.
Somebody's buying up everything here.
I hear they're trying to buy it up
for a big factory or something.
My landlord told me he wouldn't sold them
if there aren't so much money.
Nobody wants to move Grandpa. You know that.
- Emil just put up some new shelves. Cost $60.
- I've been here for 20 years.
- I think we ought to see somebody about it.
- Wait a minute. Don't get excited.
We've all been neighbors for a long time.
I know that.
But if they're buying this property up
for a factory...
...they'll need every foot of ground,
won't they?
I guess so.
Well, now, suppose i won't sell my place.
What are they going to do?
- That's right, you own your place.
- Sure, i do.
They're going to need it, too,wan't they?
You bet they will, and it'll take more
than money to make me sell my property.
Go on, get back to work and stop cluttering
up the street, or we'll all be arrested.
We sure need more displays this year.
We've got nothing exciting enough.
Mr. Sycamore, if i may suggest,
why not the "Russian Revolution"?
С собой не унесешь С собой не унесешь

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