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С собой не унесешь

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The world will probably cry
"good riddance."
That's a nice prospect, Mr. Kirby.
I hope you'll enjoy it.
I hope you'll get some comfort out
of this coin you've been sweating over then.
I'm sorry, Mr. Kirby.
I haven't lost my temper like that
in 30-odd years.
Don't know what came over me.
I didn't mean anything I said.
I wish you'd told me
to mind my own business.
If there's any way I could make up for it...
...l would.
Here, how'd you like to have my harmonica?
It's a new one and good, too.
You might want to play it sometime.
After all, who am I to criticize anybody?
All right, everybody out for night court.
Have your slips ready.
I'm Mr. Kirby's attorney. Where is he?
-Yes, Kirby, Kirby.
Oh, yes. They're just going to be arraigned.
Right through there.
Wonder what he's so excited about.
Attorney for Mr. Kirby.
Has he been arraigned yet?
-Not yet. Right through that door.
-Thank you.
Anthony P. Kirby.
-Is that Anthony P. Kirby, the banker?
-It's Kirby, the banker, you know.
Just a minute, please.
Yes, that's Anthony P. Kirby.
That's all we wanted to know.
Oh, boy.
-What did you say your name was?
-Anthony P. Kirby.
Psychopathic ward.
I sentence you to 31 days in the city jail...
I sentence you to 31 days in the city jail...
...but I'll suspend 30 days of that sentence...
...if you give me your word
that as soon as you get out tomorrow...
...you'll go back to your folks in Kansas.
-Thank you, sir, thank you.
-That's all right, run along.
Your Honor, would you take
the Vanderhof case next?
We just found out
that one of them is A.P. Kirby.
-The banker?
What are the charges?
Disturbing the peace and manufacturing
fireworks without a license.
You mean to tell me that A.P. Kirby
has been held in the drunk tank?
Is that why
all these spectators are here tonight?
No. They are Vanderhof's friends.
I didn't know anybody had
that many friends anymore.
-Do the newspapermen know?
-I don't think so.
That's good.
What a holiday they'd have if they knew
A.P. Kirby was in the drunk tank.
Bring them in right away.
No use crucifying him.
-Bring in the Vanderhofs.
-Vanderhof case next.
Get away from me. Have you seen the--
Hello, Grandpa.
Hello, Grandpa.
Order. Order.
Your Honor, in arresting Mr. and Mrs. Kirby
and their son, a grave blunder was made...
...and we would suggest--
-Do all four of you represent Mr. Kirby?
-Yes, Your Honor.
Quite an array of talent for a misdemeanor.
If there's any objection
to Mr. Kirby being represented by counsel--
Not at all.
In fact, this court feels quite flattered.
Thank you.
The charge is disturbing the peace.
-How do you plead?
-Not guilty, of course.
Of course.
Mister, are you represented,
or any of your people, by counsel?
No, sir.
I guess we're disturbing the peace if one
took the trouble to make a complaint.
And if it's against the law
to manufacture fireworks without a license...
...l guess we're guilty of that, too,
because we've been doing it a long time.
I don't feel guilty, do you, Essie?
Order, order, please.
Mr. Vanderhof,
on the charge of disturbing the peace...
...you and the rest of your family are,
by your own plea, guilty.
-However, I shall suspend sentence.
-Thank you.
But, the manufacturing of explosives
without a license, I'm sorry...
...l'm forced to fine you $100.
That's a lot of money.
Your Honor, Mr. Kirby,
who is noted for his charitable work...
...would like to pay the fine
for this poor unfortunate family.
Oh, no, thank you. I can't let you do that.
No, you don't. Grandpa don't need
your money. We'll pay that fine.
Order, order! Order in the court.
Order, order.
No, it's all right, Officer.
It's all right. Let them come in.
We'll pay the fine.
We don't need your money.
A whole hatful, Grandpa. A whole hatful.
We'll get it, Grandpa.
There you are, Judge, is that enough?
Yes, I think so.
С собой не унесешь С собой не унесешь

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