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С собой не унесешь

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-Do you want to break your leg, too?
-I got to do it without holding on.
Let me have a piece of paper.
We ought to make a list out for Rheba
for tomorrow night.
Let Rheba have the kitchen
all day tomorrow, won't you?
-She'll need it.
-Yes, Alice.
That's why I'm making
my Love Dreams now, so I'll be way ahead.
Thank you.
Mother, tomorrow, before the Kirbys come...
...let them put everything down in the cellar,
the typewriter, the kittens, the vibraphone....
The Kirbys are certainly going
to get the wrong impression of this house.
Guess I'd better have cocktails at 7:00.
I wonder if I ought to let Rheba
cook the dinner.
Stop worrying, Alice.
From what I've seen of the boy,
the Kirbys are probably very nice...
...and if things aren't too elaborate
tomorrow night, why, it will be all right, too.
Darling, I'm not trying to impress them,
or pretend we're anything that we aren't.
We'll do everything we can
to make it a nice party.
-Will you, Mother?
-Of course, dear.
-Does Richard know where to go?
-Yes, I told him, Dad.
Why did it have to be tonight?
I have more important things to do.
I didn't want to trouble you,
but Alice wanted you to meet her family.
There you are, Anthony.
She may be very nice after all.
Why, Mother, you're breaking down.
Heaven only knows what they'll have to eat.
You know how sensitive my stomach is.
Do we have to go there for dinner?
-There are sure to be some vegetables.
-Probably raw. Mine have got to be cooked.
Mrs. Sycamore, look what I found.
Oh, it's my painting of you
as the discus thrower.
-Look, Grandpa.
-You remember, it was over eight years ago.
I meant to finish it, then I got started
on my plays and I never painted again.
It's just as well.
I'd have been the next one to strip.
I wish you would finish it.
I'd kind of like to have it.
Would you? Perhaps I will.
Right tonight. Is the costume
and the easel still in the cellar?
Sure. I saved them.
You go and get them, Mr. DePinna.
I'll find my palette and brushes.
-Hello, everybody.
-Hello, Kolenkhov.
-Grandpa, I am in time for dinner, no?
-Of course you are.
That is why I like to come....
What is that?
That's a picture of Mr. DePinna.
Penny painted it.
It stinks.
I'm sorry to keep you, Mr. Kolenkhov.
My Love Dreams were on the stove.
I'll get into my dancing clothes.
My Pavlova, you are like a beautiful swan.
Essie making any progress, Kolenkhov?
Confidentially, she stinks.
As long as she's having fun.
My, it feels nice
to get into my art things again.
-You're a breath of Paris, Madame
-Thank you.
It happened again.
A man followed me every place I went.
I'm ready, Mrs. Sycamore.
Where are you going to work?
-Right here.
-All right, Grandpa?
I'd forgotten that costume was so classical.
Your expression, Mr. DePinna. There.
I'm ready now, Mr. Kolenkhov.
Good. We go to work.
We'll roll up the carpet, Ed.
-I got a new piece. Can I play it?
-There are no new pieces.
Play that Brahms' Hungarian dance.
I feel so good.
Life is running around inside of me
like a squirrel.
Well, my Pavlova, now we work.
Kolenkhov always said
art is 110 percent sweat.
That is better.
-Ready, Eddie?
-Yes, sir.
Faster, Eddie.
Mrs. Sycamore, please.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby.
-Mrs. Sycamore.
-Mrs. Sycamore.
-Go away, Rheba. I'm busy now.
-Pull your stomach in a little, Mr. DePinna.
-I know, but, Mrs. Sycamore....
Oh, my.
Oh, darling.
Please, all those.
Here, dear.
Take that.
-Are we too early?
-I'll say.
It's perfectly all right.
Why, of course. Only we thought it was
to be tomorrow night.
-Tomorrow night?
-That's funny.
-Really, Tony, this is most embarrassing.
-No, we weren't doing a thing.
Just having a quiet evening at home.
Yes, but don't let that bother you.
Please come in.
Come in, won't you?
-This is Alice's mother.
-How do you do?
Alice's sister and Mr. Carmichael...
...her husband.
And this is Mr. Kolenkhov.
And the
С собой не унесешь С собой не унесешь

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