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С собой не унесешь

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and Miss....
- Alice Sycamore.
- Sycamore, of course.
I never could remember names.
Lord and Lady Melville.
- How do you do?
- How do you do, sir?
Governor Leach and Mrs. Leach.
How do you do?
Nice party.
- A couple of chairs, please.
- No, just a table for two.
- Yes, sir.
- Just want a table for two.
- What do you have there, sir? A new game?
- Oh, no.
I was just seeing
how far i could trace my family tree.
For some reason
your mother was interested.
I thought all that family tree stuff
went out with the buffalo.
How absurd, Tony.
America is more and more conscious
of its background.
It cost me $5,000 last year
to trace my family tree.
And you, Miss Sycamore.
Have you a family tree?
- Me?
- Yes.
My dear sir, don't you know
that a sycamore is a tree?
No comment.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Boy, there are going to be some questions
asked about my family, and their tree.
- I just feel it.
- Good, i know all the answers.
If we're honest now, we're going
to save ourselves a lot of embarrassment later.
Tony, i want you to invite them to my house.
So that's what has been on your mind?
It will give them an opportunity
to meet everybody, and then they'll know us.
All right. I think i can arrange that.
Let's see, i can put each member
of your family in a separate cage...
...and then put tags on them and the Kirbys
can parade up and down like this.
Do you think i'm going to put you
on exhibition like a circus?
- I don't mind.
- I do. I'm just not going to bother.
We've got to.
To them, i'll always be
just a stenographer who....
- Look at your mother. She is still staring.
- Who wouldn't stare at you?
Tony, promise you'll do it.
You know, every time i think how lucky i am,
i feel like screaming.
Tony, please promise you'll invite them.
- I feel a scream coming on right now.
- We'll have to face it sooner or later.
It's starting in my toes.
Sort of a tingling sensation.
- Ask them for Wednesday.
- It's creeping up around my knees.
It's going up my legs.
Traveling faster and faster.
- You're not really going to scream.
- It's in my stomach now. It's got me.
Not with your mother here.
- It's going up. It's all over my body now.
- Please don't.
It's in my throat.
It's fighting to get out.
I can't hold it back any longer.
Here it goes.
What happened?
- A mouse went right past there.
- A mouse in this place?
- A mouse? What do you mean a mouse?
A  rat that long with hair on it.
There were about six of them.
Six or seven of them?
- Where?
- Where?
Right under that table.
There they go!
Mr. Kirby, i'm terribly sorry, terribly sorry.
It's all right, Henri.
Buy yourself some mousetraps.
Thank you.
Are you ready, Anthony?
Are you serious about taking me
on this slumming tour?
The more we fight him, the more he'll resist.
It's the only thing to do.
Pretend, at least,
that we are willing to be reasonable.
She's probably from some dull,
middle-class family.
As soon as Tony sees us together,
he'll quickly realize how impossible the situation is.
Yeah. That, i take it,
is what is known as being subtle.
Come here a minute, Donald.
Donald, look and see if you see a man
standing in front of the house.
What are you so excited about?
There's been a man following me last few days
when i'm out delivering candy.
Maybe he wants a piece of candy.
What's the matter, Alice?
Are you jealous?
- Do you want to break your leg, too?
- I got to do it without holding on.
Mother, let me have a piece of paper.
We ought to make a list out for Rheba
for tomorrow night.
Essie darling, let Rheba have the kitchen
all day tomorrow, won't you?
- She'll need it.
- Yes, Alice.
That's why i'm making
my Love Dreams now, so i'll be way ahead.
Thank you, Darling.
Mother,look, tomorrow, before the Kirbys come...
...let them put everything down in the cellar,
the typewriter, the kittens, the vibraphone....
The Kirbys are certainly going
С собой не унесешь С собой не унесешь

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