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Yeah, that's it, but that takes courage.
Especially that
do-what-you-want-to-do department.
I remember in college,
another guy and i had an idea.
- Do you mind if i talk about myself?
-If you don't, i will.
Well , this guy and i had this idea.
We wanted to find out...
...what made the grass grow green.
That sounds silly, but that's the biggest
research problem in the world today.
I'll tell you why.
Because there's a tiny little engine
in the green...
...of this grass and in the green of the trees
that has the mysterious gift...
...of being able to take energy
from the rays of the sun and store it up.
You see, that's how the heat, and power
in coal, and oil, and wood, is stored up.
We thought if we could find the secret...
...of all those millions of little engines...
...in this green stuff, we can make big ones
and then we could take all the power...
...we could ever need
right from the sun's rays. See?
- That's wonderful. I never knew that.
- Yeah.
We worked and worked on it...
...day and night. We got so excited about it
we forgot to sleep.
If we'd make just one little discovery...
...we'd walk on air for days.
Yeah, then what?
Then we left school...
...and now he's selling automobiles...
...and i'm in some strange thing
called banking.
I saw him a couple of weeks ago.
Poor guy. Bob Smith is his name.
Got all excited again,
wanted to talk about nothing else.
He's married, and his wife just had a baby.
Didn't think it was fair to gamble
with the future.
Anyway, that's his excuse
for lack of courage.
Don't say it.
What's my excuse?
The Kirbys have been bankers
for 9,000 years or something...
...and the line just can't be broken.
That's been pounded into my head
until i have softening of the brain.
That's my excuse.
Tony, that's kind of silly,
you're pretty young to....
I resent what you said about your brain.
I think it's beautiful.
You do?
You don't say.
That's probably the first thing you noticed about me,
that you liked my colossal brain.
No, it was the back of your head.
- My head?
- Yes.
- Nothing but a bump back there.
- The shape of it.
What happened when i turned around?
Well , i figured i would just have to get used to that.
You figured?
I figured it might not take very long,
but i figured i'd just...
- You just figured that you'd get used to that.
- Yes.
- I'm glad you figured.
- Yes.
What do you say, mister?
Want to learn to do the Big Apple?
What do you say, mister?
Want to learn to do the Big Apple?
- That's against the law, you know?
- So is necking.
- How much is it?
- Ten cents.
Wouldn't do it for a nickel, would you?
I get it.
- Can you do the Big Apple?
- No, can you?
All right. I'll take a chance.
There you are. What do we do?
You just watch them. It's a lead pipe cinch.
Okay, Red. You and Snoopy.
Make it hot. Let her go.
You just watch them.
Oh, yeah!
Okay. Dorothy, you take this man.
- Come on, wiggle.
- Wiggle?
Point your toe.
- Which toe?
- That one.
Come on, wiggle!
It's not good unless you wiggle.
That's right. Wiggle.
- Swell.
- Swell.
The winner.
- Come on.
- Take it easy, Alice.
You ready?
- You all set now?
- Yep.
Shuffle, and shuffle, and move around.
Break, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, step.
Come on, sister, loosen up.
You're too stiff.
Yeah, Alice. Loosen up. That's it.
Very good. The new champion.
All right. Grab your partners.
Wonder whatever happened
to Astaire and Rogers.
Jiggers, the cops.
Pretty swank.
Good evening, Mr. Kirby.
Good evening.
We seem to be attracting a little attention.
Oh, no. It isn't you they are watching.
It's Lord Melville.
- Lord Melville?
- Yes.
- Where is he?
- At your table with your father.
Tony, don't ask me to go over there
because i won't.
No, Alice. It will be all right.
I want you to meet a four-star blueblood.
Come on.
Good evening.
- Hello, Mother.
- Hello, Tony.
No, please.
Please be seated.
My son Tony,

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