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to believe that propaganda!
Again: Where are the missiles?
I don't know anything about missiles!
- Of course!
But you don't understand
that I can get us out of here.
D'you want sympathy?
After all, you started this war!
It's just a question of time
until we have total victory.
There won't be any victory.
You're losing ground every day
to badly equipped freedom-fighters!
You simply underestimated
the competition.
Didn't you take history at school?
This region was always independent!
They prefer to die rather than
become slaves to occupying forces.
You can't conquer a people like that.
We tried it.
We had our Vietnam!
Now you've got yours!
- Oh, I see.
You want to test me.
This is Afghanistan.
Alexander the Great
tried to conquer it,
then Ghenghis Khan,
the English and now the Russians.
But the Afghan people
can't be conquered.
An old enemy wrote a prayer about us.
Do you want to hear it?
Very well. It goes like this:
"May God deliver us
from the cobra's venom,
from the tiger's teeth,
and the Afghan's vengeance. "
Do you understand that?
That you don't take any shit.
Something like this.
Go on!
In the north there are lots of caves
that we can use.
It'll be safer. Let's go!
This cave leads
to the "Valley of the Five Lions".
The Afghan king was supposed
to send 500 warriors into battle.
He only sent five.
The five best,
and they won.
He said,
better five lions than 500 sheep.
What d'you think of that?
- The king was lucky.
How much longer till the village?
- About two hours.
Where in my sector
are the missiles being delivered?
I don't know.
You're lying.
OK, I'll tell you.
I knew you were lying.
So, where are the missiles?
Real close.
How close?
In your ass.
You've tested
my patience long enough.
Up till now
I've behaved in a civilised way.
The name John Rambo,
have you heard it before?
He says a rescue attempt
is being planned with rebel help.
He says he knows
where this man is heading.
We will welcome him.
It's the last village in the valley.
100 people live here.
Lots of kids.
- Yes, they are good fighters, too.
I'll tell the leaders
we want to talk to them.
They've never seen
a man like you here before.
They're Mujahedin horsemen.
At the border there are 10,000 more.
They are waiting there for weapons,
then they'll come and fight here.
Let's go to the hospital.
He is the only doctor
for 500 km.
The first medication
for two months.
More gifts from the Soviets: Mines.
They look like toys.
Some children learn too late
that they're not.
Who's that?
That's Uri. He's Russian.
A deserter?
- A defector. There are lots of them.
He can help us best;
he knows the inside of the fort.
We'd better leave now.
This is where the mines start:
One meter here, then two meters there,
then round here.
There are four watchtowers
with four guards,
here, here, here and here.
Where are the prisoners?
- Here.
Once we're in,
is there another way out?
where the dirty water is.
I don't know the right word.
He means the sewer.
Where is it?
Here. It comes out here.
There are guards patrolling.
Better not to go that way.
Then we'll go through the minefield.
That's impossible.
It's full of Spetnaz commandos.
We're just a few,
we've lost many men already.
We'll lose more that way.
- I don't need many men.
What's your plan?
Two men for the minefield,
two for the rescue.
The Soviets will come back again
and more people will die.
- I can't wait.
You have to wait for help like us.
Then I'll go alone.
- You will die!
Then I'll die.
Please don't go.
My name is Masoud.
Let me explain
why we can't help you.
Most Afghans are very strong
and we don't want to be
driven out of our country.
Our children are dying
of disease, mines, poison gas.
Our women are being raped and killed.
Last year, in the Legman valley,
the next valley,
6,000 Afghans were killed.
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