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Come on!
Can you fly that thing?
Let's find out.
Let's go!
Hold on!
Over there!
Hold on!
Get him up!
Take my hand!
We're going down!
Hold on!
Take what you can!
- Come on, move it, move it!
- Go on!
- We gotta hit the border.
- We stay here.
We know where to go.
- Which direction, John?
- Northeast!
Hold it, John!
I gotta rest a minute.
How's your wound?
You taught us to ignore
the pain, didn't ya?
Has it worked?
Not really!
Don't take it personally!
You go on ahead and see if
you can find some cover.
That was close, John! How are you?
Well done!
We won't make it easy for them.
We'd better split out!
I'm sorry I got you into this, John!
No, you're not!
- Are you listening?
- Who are you?
Your worst nightmare.
It's good timing!
What are friends for?
You go back to the hole. I'll cover
you, and see if there's any more left.
Across the valley is the border.
We did it, John!
What the hell is that?
The son of a bitch!
Do not try to retreat!
You can not escape.
We will not attack if you do not run!
We do not want to hurt you.
Somehow I don't believe him!
I order you to come forward,
and you will be given a fair trial.
Drop your weapons,
and remain where you are.
You got any ideas?
Drop your weapons!
Surrounding them, Sir.
Helluva time for humor, John!
Drop your weapons! Now!
You have no chance of escape.
Come forward! I want
to pick you back alive.
This is your last warning!
The choice is yours.
What do you say, John?
Fuck 'em!
If we're gonna go, I would
crave to take that bastard with us!
What is that?
It's the rebels!
Come on!
John, get out of there!
You're sure you don't want to stay?
You fight good for a tourist!
Maybe next time.
Do you want this back?
No. You keep it.
Can you not stay?
I gotta go.
Hard to believe, John!
What's that, Sir?
Well, I hate to admit it, but the
truth is I think we're getting soft!
Maybe just a little, Sir...
Just a little!John!
Where's Rambo?
John Rambo!
I don't believe it!
Where've you come from?
- Washington.
Good to see you.
- You too.
D'you want to tell me about it?
- About what?
Your stick fighting yesterday.
In the warehouse in Bangkok.
You saw that?
- Yes.
And today you're working in a monastery.
They let me live here
and I help them with repairs.
And the stick fighting?
- Some extra money.
I saw you give it to those monks.
You see a lot.
And who are they?
- They're the reason I'm here.
This is Robert Griggs,
from our embassy here.
John Rambo.
Pleased to meet you.
You're hard to find.
- Are you keeping track of me?
What does the Colonel say?
Good men are hard to find.
Take a look at these pictures.
I don't know
what you know about Afghanistan.
Most people don't even know where it is.
But over two million civilians,
mainly peasant families,
have been killed by Russian troops.
Many newly developed weapons,
including chemical warfare,
were used to wipe them out.
With great success.
I guess you don't know about
the current state of affairs.
After nine years of fighting
Afghanistan is getting Stinger missiles
to defend against the air strikes.
Except for one region,
80 km behind the border.
The Soviet commander there
seems to be really brutal,
as the photos show.
He prevents
any outside help getting in.
And that's why we'd like to...
check out the problem firsthand.
And what have I got to do with it?
I'm to go there.
- But you're not going to?
Sure. With you, John.
I put in my time.
- What does that mean?
My war is over.
But you said he was a great soldier.
It's long way down those stairs.
Don't hold it against him,
he's just obeying orders.
It's an important mission.
And we can make a difference?
- That's why we're going.
It didn't work before.
- Those were different times.
Come with me, John.
I don't know what you think,
but I like it here.
I like living and working here.
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