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had our Vietnam!
Now you're gonna have yours!
So, you wish to test me. Good.
This is Afghanistan.
Alexander the Great tried
to conquer this country,
then Ghenghis Khan, then
the British, now Russia.
But Afghan people fight
hard, they never be defeated.
Ancient enemy make prayer about
these people. Do you wish to hear?
Very good. It says:
"May God deliver us from
the venom of the cobra,
teeth of the tiger, and the
vengeance of the Afghans."
Understand what this means?
That you guys don't take any shit.
Yes, something like this.
We go now!
In the north, there are many
caves, we'll travel through them.
It'll be safer. We go!
This cave leads to the
"Valley of the Five Lions".
The Afghan King was asked to send
500 of his warriors into battle.
He sent only five.
His greatest five, and they won.
He said, it's better to send
five lions than 500 sheep.
- What do you think of this?
- I think the King was lucky.
- How much longer till the village?
- About two hours.
Where in my sector are the
missiles being delivered?
I don't know.
You liar.
OK, I'll tell ya.
I knew you were lying.
Now, where are the missiles located?
How close?
In your ass!
You've tried my patience long enough.
I tried to be civilian.
The name John Rambo...
...do you know it?
He says that there's a
plan for a rescue attempt
with the help of some of the rebels.
He also says he knows
where this man is going.
We will welcome him.
It's the last village in the
valley. About 200 man here.
There's a lot of lot of kids in.
Yes, and they are good fighters, too.
I'll tell the leaders you want to talk.
They've never seen men look like you.
Here are Mujahedin horsemen.
There are 10.000 horsemen
more waiting at the border.
They are waiting to get
weapons, when they'll get it,
they'll come back here to fight.
Let's go to the hospital.
He is the only doctor for 500 km.
The first medicine they
get in two months.
More gifts from the Soviets. They
look like toys, but they're mines.
We teach the childrens not to
touch, some of them too late.
Who's that?
His name is Juri. He's Russian.
A deserter?
He calls himself a defector.
There are many like him.
He is the one who can help the most,
he knows the inside of the fort.
I think we should go now.
Mines start here: one meter like
this, then two meters like this,
and like this.
There are four towers, four guards,
here, here, here and here.
Where do they keep the prisoners?
If we get in there,
is there another way out?
Underground, where
there's all dirty water.
But I do not know word for this place.
He means sewer. Where is it?
Here. Outside, you go there.
Guards patrolls there.
I do not think you go this way.
I wish we go to the minefields.
They'll never expect it.
This can not be done.
There are many Spetnaz commandos.
We have all of this,
we've lost many men.
We'll lose more men if we go there.
I don't need many men.
What is it you want to do?
I need two men to lead
me to the minefield,
and two to help to escape.
If this is done, Soviets
will come here like before,
and more people will die.
I can't wait.
You must wait for help the way we wait.
- Then I'll go alone.
- And you will die!
Then I'll die.
Please don't go.
My name is Masoud.
You must not judge us,
before you understand why
we are not directed to help.
Most of the Afghan
people are very strong,
and we are determined not
to be driven from our land.
Our children die of disease,
mines, and poison gas.
And our women are raped and killed.
Last year, in the valley of
Legman, the next valley,
6.000 Afghans were killed.
Pregnant women were cut with bayonets,
and their babies thrown into the fire.
This is done, so they will not have to
fight the next generation of Afghans.
Yet nobody sees anything, or
reads anything in the papers.
What you see here,
are the Mujahedin soldiers,
holy warriors.
To us, this war
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