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Somewhere in war,
there's supposed to be honor.
Where is the honor here? Where?
We're taking the survivors to
the border. Are you coming?
I'm going to the fort.
Have you not seen enough death?
Go... go while you can.
This is not your war.
It is now.
So be it.
You are a good friend.
I stay. I will show you the way.
I will go too.
No, you go with them.
I will not. They killed all
my family. I want to fight!
Not with me. You go!
Go on.
Why must you do this?
Cause he'd do it for me.
Have you decided to talk?
Very well.
Soon you will be my
guest down the hall...
- Go back!
- No!
Go back!
Go on!
Stay here! Stay back.
I know this place. You need me!
I don't need you dead!
Now go back. You understand?
Colonel? Colonel?
John? How the hell did you get in here?
- Can you move?
- I can.
Let's go!
John, behind you!
John, get out of here!
Get the hell outta here!
Over here!
Come on!
Help me!
Take him!
Come on!
Give me the boy!
Come on!
Take the kid!
Jump down!
Give me the boy!
Who is this terrorist? What
makes you so valuable to him?
This bastard tried to destroy
me tonight. But he failed!
At sunrise, I will hunt him down, and
have his skin hanging on the wall!
- You don't have to hunt him.
- What?
He'll find you.
Are you insane?
One man against trained commandos?
Who do you think this man is? God?
No. God would have mercy. He won't!
It's all right. There's nobody there.
This will hold a while.
What's the fastest way outta here?
Northwest, there's a
trail between mountains,
about three kilometers from
here. The trail is very difficult.
- You take the boy and go.
- I want to stay.
You can't.
You can not go back there.
We must all go to Pakistan.
No, I gotta go back.
I know he's your friend,
but you can't do this!
You both will die.
For what? Come with us!
Just do what I say.
Give me your gun.
All right, let's go. Come on!
I see you again?
Come on!
Can you fly that thing?
Let's find out.
Let's go!
Hold on!
Over there!
Hold on!
Get him up!
Take my hand!
We're going down!
Hold on!
Take what you can!
- Come on, move it, move it!
- Go on!
- We gotta get to the border.
- We stay here.
We know where to go.
- Which direction, John?
- Northeast!
Hold it, John!
I gotta rest a minute.
How's your wound?
You taught us to ignore pain,
didn't ya?
Is it working?
Not really!
Don't take it personally!
You go on ahead and see if
you can find some cover.
That was close, John! How are you?
Well done!
We don't wanna make it easy for them.
We'd better split up!
I'm sorry I got you into this, John!
No, you're not!
- Are you listening?
- Who are you?
Your worst nightmare.
Good timing!
What are friends for?
You go back to the hole. I'll cover
you, and see if there's any more left.
Across the valley is the border.
We did it, John!
What the hell is that?
The son of a bitch!
Do not try to retreat!
You can not escape.
We will not attack if you do not run!
We do not want to hurt you.
Somehow I don't believe him!
I order you to come forward,
and you will be given a fair trial.
Drop your weapons,
and remain where you are.
You got any ideas?
Drop your weapons!
Surrounding them's out
Helluva time for humor, John!
Drop your weapons! Now!
You have no chance of escape.
Come forward! I want
to take you back alive.
This is your last warning!
The choice is yours.
What do you say, John?
Fuck 'em!
If we're gonna go, I wish we could
have taken that bastard with us!
What is that?
It's the rebels!
Come on!
John, get out of there!
You're sure you don't want to stay?
You fight good for a tourist!
Maybe next time.
Do you want this back?
No. You keep it.
Can you not stay?
I gotta go.
Hard to believe, John!
What's that, Sir?
Well, I hate to admit it, but the
truth is I think we're getting soft!
Maybe just a little, Sir...
Just a
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