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let me tell you, you can
not get this American alone.
If you fail, do not blame me.
I will accept no responsibility.
Sounds familiar.
My name is Colonel Zaysen,
Regional Commander of this sector.
You're here as the first
American captured in Afghanistan.
I believe you're planning to
supply enemy rebels forces
with Stinger missiles, intending
to destroy Soviet aircraft.
If I'm gonna be interrogated,
I wanna be interrogated
by your superiors.
Out here, I have no superiors.
I am in full command.
You're alone here.
Abandoned by your government.
- What do you want?
- Cooperation.
This sector has been under
total control for over five years.
There's little more I can do here.
It is, as you say, without challenges.
If you supply to me
worth information about most
stinger missiles
you're planning to deliver,
it could provide a way
out of this for us both.
After all, in the end what
everyone really wants...
...is peace.
The Kremlin's got a hell
of a sense of humor.
Please explain.
You talk peace and
disarmament to the world,
and here you are, wiping
out a race of people.
We are wiping out no one.
I think you're too intelligent
to believe such a propaganda!
Now again: where are the missiles?
I don't know anything
about any missiles!
Of course you do!
But you do not seem to realize
I'm providing a way out for us both.
You expect sympathy?
You started this damn war,
now you have to deal with it!
And we will. It is just a matter of time
before we achieve a complete victory.
You know there won't be a victory.
Everyday, your war machines lose
ground to a bunch of poorly armed,
poorly equiped freedom-fighters!
The fact is that you
underestimated your competition.
If you'd studied your History,
you'd know that these people
have never given up to anyone.
They'd rather die than be
slaves to an invading army.
You can't defeat a people like that.
We tried. We already had our Vietnam!
Now you're gonna have yours!
So, you wish to test me. Good.
This is Afghanistan.
Alexander the Great tried
to conquer this country,
then Ghenghis Khan, then
the British, now Russia.
But Afghan people fight
hard, they never be defeated.
Ancient enemy make prayer about
these people. Do you wish to hear?
Very good. It says:
"May God deliver us from
the venom of the cobra,
teeth of the tiger, and the
vengeance of the Afghans. "
Understand what this means?
That you guys don't take any shit.
Yes, something like this.
We go now!
In the north, there are many
caves, we'll travel through them.
It'll be safer. We go!
This cave leads to the
"Valley of the Five Lions".
The Afghan King was asked to send
500 of his warriors into battle.
He sent only five.
His greatest five, and they won.
He said, it's better to send
five lions than 500 sheep.
- What do you think of this?
- I think the King was lucky.
- How much longer till the village?
- About two hours.
Where in my sector are the
missiles being delivered?
I don't know.
You liar.
All right, I'll tell you.
I knew you were lying.
Now, where are the missiles located?
How close?
In your ass!
You've tried my patience long enough.
I tried to be civilized.
The name John Rambo...
...do you know it?
He says that there's a
plan for a rescue attempt
with the help of some of the rebels.
He also says he knows
where this man is going.
We will welcome him.
It's the last village in the
valley. About 100 men here.
There's a lot of kids here.
Yes, but they are good fighters, too.
I'll tell the leaders you want to talk.
They've never seen men look like you.
These are Mujahedin horsemen.
There are 10,000 horsemen
more waiting at the border.
They are waiting to get
weapons, when they'll get it,
they'll come back here to fight.
Let's go to the hospital.
He is the only doctor for 500 km.
The first medicine they
get in two months.
More gifts from the Soviets. They
look like
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