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This mission's important, John.
Do you really think we
can make a difference?
If I didn't, I wouldn't be going.
- It didn't before.
- That was another time.
Come with me, John.
I don't know what you think
about this place, but I like it.
I like bein' here, I like workin'
here. I like belong into something.
You DO belong into something. Not this.
When you're gonna come full circle?
What are you talkin' about?
You said that your war is over.
I think the one out there is,
but not the one inside you.
I know the reasons you're here, John.
But it doesn't work that way.
You may try, but you can't get
away from what you really are.
And what is it I am?
A full-blooded combat soldier.
Not any more. I dont want it.
That's too bad, 'cause
you're stuck with it.
Let me tell you a story, John.
There was a sculptor and he
found a stone, a special stone.
He dragged it home and he
worked on it for months,
until he finally finished.
When he was ready, he
showed it to his friends,
and they said he had
created a great statue.
The sculptor said he
hadn't created anything.
The statue was always there.
He just cleared away to small pieces.
We didn't make you
this fighting machine.
We just shifted away the rough edges.
Your own is gonna be
tearing away with yourself,
until you come to terms
with what you are!
Until you come full circle.
I guess I'm not ready yet.
Well, I got to move.
Promise me you'll look me
when you're next in the States.
I promise.
I'm sorry. But it's gotta
end for me sometime.
I understand.
Take cover!
Drop your weapons and
remain where you are!
You cannot escape!
Drop your weapons!
You have no chance of escape!
Drop your weapons!
Something went wrong.
What happened?
Soviets intercepted the
team, just over the border.
Among we've gathered,
Trautman and the rest of his party
have been taken to the
regional commandment post.
And what are you doing about it?
I can't do anything about it.
I'm sorry.
I just thought you should know.
What about me?
About you?
Can you get me in?
You're not serious.
Oh yeah, I'm serious.
It can't be done officially.
Make it unofficial.
If it can be done, I want you to
know upfront of your capture,
or any of this leaks,
we'll deny any participation, or
even knowledge of your existence.
I'm used to it.
We'll get back.
You want to buy? Many guns here!
No. I'm looking for Mousa Chanin.
- What's your name?
- John Rambo.
Wait here.
They sell many in Afghanistan.
Many landmines.
Landmines everywhere.
I am Mousa Chanin.
What is it you want?
I was sent by Griggs.
You do not look like
men Griggs sent before.
You not look like you are with military.
I'm not.
What you are? A mercenary?
You're not a military, you're
not a mercenary, what are you?
Lost tourist?
I'm not a tourist.
Do you know where the American is?
Yes. In a Soviet fort.
Near the village of Khost,
30 miles over the border.
Mr. Griggs sent you the
supplies you asked for.
You wish to see them now?
Is this what you asked for?
Never seen these things
before. What are these?
- Detonators.
- And this?
What is this for?
It's blue light.
What does it do?
It turns blue.
I see.
Can you tell me how many
more men come with us?
There's no rescue team. There's just me.
Just you? Come on, this is no good!
I can not take only one man to the fort.
You need more men to help.
Griggs said you'd take
me there. Take me there!
I am meant to take medical supplies,
if I not take it, many people will die.
Do you understand?
Well, I do not know who you really are,
but by the way you look, I can see
you have no experience in war. Do you?
Come on, do you?
I've fired a few shots.
A few shots?
Come on, maybe you should go back home,
and think it all over again.
For a very long time.
I did think it over.
You did?
Well, this is your choice.
But let me tell you, you can
not get this
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