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Who's that?
His name is Juri. He's Russian.
A deserter?
He calls himself a defector.
There are many like him.
He is the one who can help the most,
he knows the inside of the fort.
I think we should go now.
Mines start here: one meter like
this, then two meters like this,
and like this.
There are four towers, four guards,
here, here, here and here.
Where do they keep the prisoners?
If we get in there,
is there another way out?
Underground, where
there's all dirty water.
But I do not know word for this place.
He means sewer. Where is it?
Here. Outside, you go there.
Guards patrolls there.
I do not think you go this way.
I wish we go to the minefields.
They'll never expect it.
This can not be done.
There are many Spetnaz commandos.
We have all of this,
we've lost many men.
We'll lose more men if we go there.
I don't need many men.
What is it you want to do?
I need two men to lead
me to the minefield,
and two to help to escape.
If this is done, Soviets
will come here like before,
and more people will die.
I can't wait.
You must wait for help the way we wait.
- Then I'll go alone.
- And you will die!
Then I'll die.
Please don't go.
My name is Masoud.
You must not judge us,
before you understand why
we are not directed to help.
Most of the Afghan
people are very strong,
and we are determined not
to be driven from our land.
Our children die of disease,
mines, and poison gas.
And our women are raped and killed.
Last year, in the valley of
Legman, the next valley,
6.000 Afghans were killed.
Pregnant women were cut with bayonets,
and their babies thrown into the fire.
This is done, so they will not have to
fight the next generation of Afghans.
Yet nobody sees anything, or
reads anything in the papers.
What you see here,
are the Mujahedin soldiers,
holy warriors.
To us, this war is a holy war.
And there is no true
death for a Mujahedin,
because we have taken our last nights,
and because we consider us already dead.
To us, death for our
land and God is an honor.
So, my friend,
what we must do is to stop this
killing of our women and children.
If getting this man free,
so he can tells to the free world, and
tell what happens here, is necessary
then of course we will help.
Leave us now, so we may
speak among ourselves
and find the best way to free this man.
- Thank you.
- We thank you.
Don't worry, they will decide soon.
- We got to leave tonight.
- What is your name?
This boy is very hard inside.
His parents were killed last year.
His brother died in the
fort where the American is.
He looks like a boy, but
he fights like a man.
- What's your name?
- Rambo.
- Where are you from?
- Arizona.
Arizona? How much days walk?
About two years.
Two years...
- Are you a soldier?
- No more.
I am a soldier. Are you here to fight?
- No.
- Are you scared?
What is this?
It's a knife.
- Can I see this?
- Sure.
Very good. Can I have it?
- What is this?
- You want everything!
- This is for luck.
- What is luck?
Luck is...
Can I have it? I need luck.
So do I!
What a child! Always like this.
Look there! It's our national sport.
An old, insane game,
maybe 3.000 years old!
Look, they never stop playing.
War or not war, they don't mind.
- You like it?
- I'll take football.
What is football? You
play it with the foot?
Not really.
Come on, let's go!
- What are they saying?
- They want you to try.
It's a way to them for you to be with
them. If you want to try, go ahead but
I'm not responsible for it!
- I'll try it.
- Yes?
What are the rules?
Well, you have to take
the sheep once around,
and then thrown it in the circle.
Because there is a circle there.
- That's it?
- That's it! Very simple.
Like football.
God must love crazy people!
- Why?
- He makes so many of them!
Now you see how it is here.
Somewhere in a war,
there's supposed to be honor.
Where is the honor here? Where?
We're taking the
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