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3rd Marines, in Kon Tum in '66.
I lost a lot of good men,
so I know what you and every Vet feels.
Maybe the government and certain
segments of the population didn't care,
but my committee cares. - It needs
proof that Americans are there.
Then we'll get 'em back.
If there are any of our men at the POW
target camp, you're to take photos.
- Only photos. Under no circumstances
are you to engage the enemy.
- I'm supposed to leave them there?
I repeat:
Do not engage the enemy!
The assault team led by Colonel Trautman
will handle the extraction.
With your participation,
this mission has a better than average
chance of succeeding.
I'll meet you both
in the operations center in one hour.
From Thailand across Laos
into the mountains of Vietnam.
You'll be flying a ceiling
of 250 feet when you bail out.
Think you can handle it?
- I'll try.
Since you're going in solo, you'll have
to take more equipment than ever before.
And use it!
Don't try the blood-and-guts routine.
Let technology do most of the work.
Forget the war. Remember the mission.
The old Vietnam is dead.
Sir, I'm alive,
so it's still alive, isn't it?
You may find this hard
to believe, but all this is for you.
You'll get every modern piece of
equipment we have to ensure your safety.
You can feel totally safe because we
have the world's most advanced weapons.
I've always believed that the mind's
the best weapon. - Times change.
For some people.
Don't let me interrupt.
Upon insertion
call in to base camp on Transat.
Then proceed to rendezvous with your
ground contact, indigenous agent Co Bao.
Is he listening?
Indigenous agent Co Bao.
Are you sure he's not unbalanced?
What if he cracks under the pressure
in that hell? - Pressure?
Rambo is the best combat Vet
I've ever seen.
A pure fighting machine with only
a desire to win a war someone else lost.
If winning means he has to die,
he'll die. No fear, no regrets.
And one more thing:
What you call "hell", he calls home.
Stand by! Start A.P.U.!
D minus 20.
D minus 5.
You've got 36 hours to get in and out.
So don't stop to smell the roses, okay?
If you run into trouble, try to get
to the hilltop extraction site.
Good luck, son.
- Thanks.
Ready to roll.
Murdock said he'd been
with the 2nd Battalion in Kon Tum '66.
The 2nd Battalion was at Kud Sank.
You're the only one that I trust.
Think he'll find someone?
- POWs? Doubtful.
But there are people to satisfy,
questions that have to be answered.
You don't sound too emotional about it.
- It wasn't my war, Colonel.
I'm here to clean up the mess.
K-Wok 2-5 is raft.
They're holding timeline.
Affirmative, Wolf Den. Over.
We're back in the badlands, my man.
Stand by your position!
Insertion in 15 seconds.
- Partytime!
5 seconds.
What's happening?
- He's hung up!
He'll be torn apart!
He's hung up! - What do you mean he's
hung up? - He's being dragged!
Cut him loose!
- I can't free him!
Abort the mission!
- That'll kill him! He'll be torn apart!
He's cutting away his equipment.
He's out!
Here is Dragonfly 1. Do you read me?
- Dragonfly 1, I read you.
Any visual bearing by flares?
- Negative. We didn't see anything.
Maybe it's best to abort
the mission now. Who could survive that?
He deserves the benefit of the doubt.
He's got 36 hours to complete the
mission and reach the extraction point.
We owe him that.
- Of course we do.
But understand something:
In 36 hours we pull out.
You did not expect a woman, no?
We'd better go.
We go to river.
How come you so late?
I was hung up.
I have arranged boat to take us
down river. Old ways not safe.
You come a long way, Rambo,
to see empty camp.
You're using pirates?
Best way down river.
Not get army suspicious.
What about patrol boats?
want to eat?
Maybe later.
How you get into this?
It's a long story.
- Long trip.
After I left the special forces,
I moved around
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