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bringing this subject up again!
You're the one who's making the mistake.
Yeah? What mistake?
Damned Russian bastards!
He's dead now.
Bring him up!
The knife!
These people are so
vulgar in their methods.
They lack compassion.
I'm Lieutenant-Colonel Podovski.
I do not know who you are yet,
but I will!
Take him and clean him up.
That's all.
Thank you, Captain Vinh.
Leave one guard, please.
I see you are no stranger to pain.
Perhaps you have been among
my Vietnamese comrades before?
No answer?
Do you wish to give your name?
What possible harm can that cause?
Pride is a poor
substitute for intelligence.
What you must understand is
that we have to interrogate you.
To Sergeant Yushin here,
you're piece of meat,
a laboratory experiment.
But to me, you are a
comrade, similar to myself,
just opposed by an act of fate.
I know you were trying to facilitate
the release of war criminals held
by this Republic. I can appreciate this.
But this incident, your capture, is...
We must have explanation.
First of all, I wish you to
radio your headquarters,
and say that you have been captured
and condemned for espionage activities,
and that no such criminal agression
should be attempted in the future!
Or they will meet with
the same fate as yours.
Fuck you!
You wish to test your
strength...Good. Good!
Comrade, here is something
that might be of interest to you:
a transcript of the conversation
between your helicopter pilot
and his commander we intercepted.
"Dragonfly"... "Wolf's
Den"...colorful names!
Here we are:
"We have them in sight".
And the reply: "Abort the
operation immediately."
"This is a recall. Confirm. Over. "
It seems you were
abandoned by direct command.
And these are the people
you protect...with your pain!
You may scream. There is no shame.
You are strong...Very strong!
The strongest so far.
But you're nearly dead! Poor waif.
Make the radio call.
To talk, to obey would
be so much easier.
Yushin has a memento
for you of this occasion!
Put it in his eye.
If your own life means nothing
to you, then perhaps his does.
- Don't tell them anything!
- You will talk.
Don't do it!
Do it!
Lone Wolf, receive.
This is Lone Wolf, two-two-O-five-six
Lone Wolf, this is Wolf's Den.
Transmit location and status. Over.
What is it?
It's Rambo, Sir.
We read you, Lone Wolf.
What is your position? Over.
I say again: What is
your position? Over.
Your friend dies if you do not answer.
Johnny, this is Trautman.
Where the hell are you?
John, come in!
He's here.
Rambo, this is Murdock,
we're glad you're alive!
Where are you?
Give us your position, and
we'll come to pick you up.
I'm comin' to get you!
This way.
We safe for now.
- You look like hell, Rambo.
- Tough night.
Maybe need this.
- You hurt bad.
- It's alright.
What you did back there...
...I won't forget it.
What you do now?
Try to get across to Thailand?
Then go America?
You take me with you?
You take me?
I think you make good choice.
- We go?
- Let's go.
You alright?
I want the rescue team
ready to go in one hour.
You're risking your career,
your reputation, and even
your family's security!
Do you honestly think any
one man's worth all that?
Yes, I do.
I'm getting you a direct order
to withdraw from this project.
Do I get the rescue team
or do I go over your head?
You don't seem to understand something:
I'm in charge here. You're just a tool.
We're the machine.
I want him placed under arrest.
He's not to leave the base.
He never had a chance, did he?
Like you said, Colonel: he went home.
Yeah! Over here!
Get back!
C'mon! Go to the chopper! Move, move!
Go to the chopper!
Go to the chopper!
Go to the chopper!
That's it!
Move, move, move!
Hold on!
C'mon! Move it,
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