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We read you, Lone Wolf.
What is your position? Over.
I say again: What is
your position? Over.
Your friend dies if you do not answer.
Johnny, this is Trautman.
Where the hell are you?
John, come in!
He's here.
Rambo, this is Murdock,
we're glad you're alive!
Where are you?
Give us your position, and
we'll come to pick you up.
I'm comin' to get you!
This way.
We safe for now.
- You look like hell, Rambo.
- Tough night.
Maybe need this.
- You hurt bad.
- It's alright.
What you did back there...
...I won't forget it.
What you do now?
Try to get across to Thailand?
Then go America?
You take me with you?
You take me?
I think you make good choice.
- We go?
- Let's go.
You alright?
Rambo... You... not... forget... me.
I want the rescue team
ready to go in one hour.
You're risking your career,
your reputation, and even
your family's security!
Do you honestly think any
one man's worth all that?
Yes, I do.
I'm getting you a direct order
to withdraw from this project.
Do I get the rescue team
or do I go over your head?
You don't seem to understand something:
I'm in charge here. You're just a tool.
We're the machine.
I want him placed under arrest.
He's not to leave the base.
He never had a chance, did he?
Like you said, Colonel: he went home.
Yeah! Over here!
Get back!
C'mon! Go to the chopper! Move, move!
Go to the chopper!
Go to the chopper!
Go to the chopper!
That's it!
Move, move, move!
Hold on!
C'mon! Move it, move it!
Move, move, move, move!
A man at the gun!
Yeah, Yeah!
You guys made it!
Chopper on our tail!
Hang on!
Hold on!
Fire in the tail!
Lone Wolf calling Wolf's Den. Over.
Lone Wolf calling Wolf's Den. Over.
Wolf's Den, this is
Lone wolf, do you read?
Wolf's den, this is Lone Wolf, over.
Yes, we hear you, Lone Wolf. Over.
Prepare for emergency landing.
Arriving with American POWs.
You heard!
Prepare for arriving POWs! Let's move!
Glad you made it!
Rambo, I don't make the orders.
I take'em, just like you.
I swear to God I didn't know it
was supposed to happen like this.
It was just supposed to
be another assignment.
You know there's more men out there.
You know where they are.
...or I'll find you!
Where are you going?
I don't know.
You'll get a second
Medal of Honor for this.
They should give it to them.
They deserve it more.
You can't keep running,
John. You're free now.
Come back with us.
Back to what?
My friends died here...
Part of me died here...
The war, everything that happened
here may have been wrong,
but dammit, don't
hate your country for it!
I'd die for it!
Then what is it you want?
I want...
...what they want,
and every other guy who came over here,
and spilt his guts and gave
everything he had, wants...
...for our country to love us...
...as much as WE love it.
That's what I want.
How will you live, John?
Day by day.Let's keep those hammers working.
Let's go.
How are you, Johnny?
That's all.
John, I'm sorry they sent
you to such a hellhole.
I've seen worse.
Yeah, you have, haven't you...
John, I told you that
I'd help you when I could.
Are you interested?
You can't possibly wanna
stay here for another five years.
In here at least, I know where I stand.
Just hear me out first.
A covert operation is being
geared up in the Far East.
Your name was dug
out of computer as one of
three most able to complete the mission.
Recon for POWs in Nam.
Why now? Why me?
The prison camp you escaped
from in '71 is the target area.
Nobody knows that
terrain better than you do.
The risk factor is very high.
You'd be temporarily
reinstated in the Forces,
and if the mission's successful,
there may be a presidential pardon.
You interested?
Good...good. I'll get
the necessary clearance.
The next time we
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