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with the
extraction team at dawn.
- Denied.
- Denied?
- It's an unnecessary risk.
- We have a schedule to keep.
For Who?! We don't even
know if Rambo's alive!
The odds are against it.
You said we'd go through as planned.
Okay, if you want to go
through with it, we will.
The Colonel's gonna be
joining the extraction team.
You're a damned good man, Trautman!
See? Camp empty.
We move closer.
Cyclo-girl whore from village.
Come on!
- What is it?
- A bow. No sound.
You not going in there.
But I thought you're
supposed only to take pictures!
What about orders?
No more orders, Co.
I've come to get you out.
Don't talk.
- There are others.
- I'll be back.
Let's go!
You have clearance.
Minus one hour to extraction.
I hope for his sake we're
not just wasting fuel...
Let's get moving!
A good thing you came when you did.
Why is that?
They move us around a
lot, to harvest crops.
Only been there a week.
When was the last time
you were in that camp?
A year...yeah.
What year is it, anyway?
Camp supposed to be empty.
Yeah, supposed to be...
Come on!
L.Z. two klicks up river.
- What has happened?
- We've been sold out.
You bastard!
All right, jump!
I fight!
Jump! Go on!
The gunboat!
You made it, Rambo!
You take this. We go on from here.
- It better I stay to end.
- This is the end.
Go on, let's go!
You not expendable.
Colonel, 3 minutes.
That's Rambo!
Christ, he's found one!
Relay the command.
Rambo's found one of ours!
Mr Murdock, Dragonfly
reports that ground crew
has what appears to be an
American POW with them.
- What did you say???
- They've got one of ours!
Hey! Yeah! Yeah!
This station is now on Condition Bravo.
Harrison, Meyers, Goodell, out!
Everybody out!
Come on, move!
Go to your COMINT priority
frequency! Gimme the mike!
Dragonfly, this is Coach 1.
This is an Alpha-Kilo-Victor
command priority.
Come on!
I want you to abort the
mission immediately!
I say again, this is a
recall. Confirm. Over.
Say it again, coach 1, say it again.
I'm tellin' you to abort!
I've been ordered to
abort before pick-up!
Murdock, Murdock, for Christ
sake, we've got 'em in sight!
Murdock, do you read?
Come on!
- We're going down!
- You're not going anywhere.
You goddamned mercenaries!
There's men down there! OUR men!
No, your men. Don't be a hero.
Don't leave!
What are you doing? Do you
know what the hell you've done?
Don't act so innocent, Colonel!
You had your suspicions,
and if you suspected then,
you're sort of an accessory, aren't you?
Don't ever count me
with you and your scum!
It was a lie, wasn't it?
Juste like the whole
damn war. It was a lie!
What are you talkin' about?
That camp was supposed to be empty.
Rambo goes in, a decorated Vet,
he finds no POWs, the
Congress buys it, case closed.
And if he happens to get caught,
no one knows he's alive except
you and your computers, and you
can reprogram that, can't you?
Who the hell do you think
you're talkin' to, Trautman?
A stinking bureaucrat
who's tryin' to cover his ass.
No, not just mine,Trautman!
We're talkin' about the nation's!
Besides, it was your hero's fault.
Now if your warrior had gone in,
and done what the hell
he was supposed to do,
we'd be out of this clean and simple!
He was just supposed to take pictures.
And if those pictures showed something,
they would have been...
lost, wouldn't they?
Oh, Trautman, I still don't think
you understand what this is all about.
The same as it always is: money.
In '72, we were supposed to pay the
Cong 4.5 billion in war reparations.
We reneged, they kept the POWs.
And you're doing the
same thing all over again.
What the hell would you do, Trautman?
Pay blackmail money
to ransom our own men,
and finance the war
effort against our allies?
What if some burnt-out POW
shows up on the 6 o'clock news?
What you wanna do?
Start the war all over again,
 2  2

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