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Times change.
For some people.
Don't let me interrupt you, Colonel.
Upon insertion, call in
to base camp on Transat.
Then proceed to Point Hawk September
to rendezvous with the ground contact:
indigenous agent Co Bao.
Is he listening?
Indigenous agent Co Bao.
Are you sure he's still not
unbalanced from the war?
We can't afford to have him
involved in this mission,
he might crack under
the pressure in that hell!
Let me just say that Rambo is the
best combat vet I've ever seen.
A pure fighting machine with only a
desire to win a war that someone else lost.
If winning means he has to
die, he'll die. No fear, no regrets.
And...one more thing:
What you choose to call
"Hell", he calls home!
Stand by!
Start A.P.U.!
D minus 20.
D minus 5.
You got 36 hours to
get the hell in and out.
So don't stop to smell the roses, okay?
If you run into any
trouble, try to get to the
hilltop extraction site
marked on your map.
Ready to roll, Colonel.
- Good luck, son.
- Thanks.
Let's go!
Remember Murdock said he'd
been with the 2nd Battalion,
third Marines in Kon Tum in '66?
The 2nd Battalion was at Kud Sank.
You're the only one I trust.
- Think he'll find someone?
- POWs? Doubtful.
But there's people to satisfy,
questions that have to be answered.
You don't sound too
emotional about it...
It wasn't my war, Colonel.
I'm just here to clean up the mess!
AWACS two-five has acquired.
They're holding timeline.
Affirmative, Wolf Den. Over.
Back in the badlands, my man!
Stand by your position!
- Insertion in 15 seconds.
- Partytime!
Five seconds!
Jumper away.
Shit, what's happening?
A turbulence! He's hung up!
He'll be torn apart!
Condition Red! He's hung up!
- What do you mean he's hung up?
- What's happening?
He's being dragged!
Lifer cut him loose!
I can't free him!
Ericson, abort the mission! Pull out.
That'll kill him! He'll be torn apart!
He's cutting away his equipment.
He's out!
Come in here, this is Dragonfly
one. Do you read me, over?
Dragonfly one, come in, I read you.
- Any visual bearing by flares?
- Negative. We didn't see anything.
Maybe the smartest thing
to do is to abort the mission
right now before there's
any more complications.
I mean who could've
survived something like that?
He deserves the benefit of the doubt.
He's got 36 hours to
complete the mission,
and reach the extraction point.
- We owe him that.
- Of course, we do!
But understand something
now: in 36 hours, we pull out!
You did not expect a woman, no?
We'd better go.
We go to river. How come you so late?
Got hung up.
I have arranged boat to take
us down river. Old ways not safe.
You come a long way,
Rambo, to see empty camp.
You're using pirates?
Best way down river.
Not get army suspicious.
What about patrol boats?
Want to eat?
Maybe later.
How you get into this?
- It's a long story.
- Long ride.
Well...after I left the
Special Forces, I...
...moved around a lot.
- Why you leave army?
...came back to the States,
and found another war going on.
What war?
Kind of like a quiet war.
A war against...all
the soldiers returning.
It's the kind of war you don't win.
It's my problem.
How about you? How did you get into it?
My father worked for intelligence agency.
He killed, and I take his place.
There's too much death here.
Death everywhere.
I just want to live, Rambo.
Maybe go America! Live the quiet life.
What you want?
To win...to survive...
Not so easy to survive. Still war here.
To survive a war, you gotta become war.
That why they pick you?
Because you like to fight?
I am expendable.
What mean "expendable"?
It's like...
...someone invites you to
a party and you don't show up,
it doesn't really matter.
What's this?
It bring me good luck.
What bring you good luck?
I guess this.
No further report.
I want to go up
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