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UFLet's keep those hammers working!
Let's go.
How are you, Johnny?
That's all.
I'm sorry they sent you to such
a hellhole. - I've seen worse.
Yeah, you have, haven't you...
I told you that I'd help you
when I could. Are you interested?
You can't possibly want
to stay here for another five years.
In here at least I know where I stand.
- Just hear me out first.
A covert operation
is being geared up in the Far East.
A computer gave your name as one of
3 suitable candidates for the mission.
- A hunt for POWs in Vietnam.
Why now? Why me?
The prison camp you escaped from in '71
is the target area.
No one knows that terrain better
than you. The risk factor's very high.
You'd be temporarily reinstated in the
forces, and if the mission's successful,
there may be a presidential pardon.
You interested?
Good. I'll get the necessary clearance.
The next time we meet will be in
Thailand with the special ops designate.
Yes, sir.
All clear?
- Yes, sir.
I want you to know I did
what I could to keep you out of here.
I know.
Do we get to win this time?
This time it's up to you.
That'll be all.
How're you doing, Rambo? I'm Ericson.
Why don't we make it over to the hangar?
You're the chosen one, ha?
You made
a helluva rep for yourself in 'nam.
I'm glad to be working with you.
This place may not be heaven,
but at least you're out of the joint.
He's here.
Morning, John.
This is Marshal Murdock.
He's in charge of special operations.
Thank you, Colonel. Rambo,
been looking forward to meeting you.
How was your trip? No problems? - No.
Except for the damned heat, right?
I've never felt anything like it.
Come on in,
let's get down to business.
I was glancing over your files.
Makes pretty interesting reading.
Rambo, John J., born 7.6.47, Bowie,
Arizona, of Indian-German descent.
That's a helluva combination.
Joined the army 6.8.64,
accepted special forces,
specialization: Light weapons.
Cross-trained as medic.
Helicopter and language qualified.
59 confirmed kills, 2 silver stars,
4 bronze, 4 Purple Hearts,
Medal of Honor.
You got around, didn't you?
Incredible. Rambo, you're probably aware
that there are almost 2,500 Americans
still missing in action in SE Asia.
Most are presumed dead, but for the
families, Congress and many Americans
it's still an emotional issue.
Give me something cold, please!
Rambo, you certainly don't know
as much about me as I do you.
I've honched with the 2nd Battalion,
3rd Marines, in Kon Tum in '66.
I lost a lot of good men,
so I know what you and every vet feels.
Maybe the government and certain
segments of the population didn't care,
but my committee cares. - It needs
proof that Americans are there.
Then we'll get 'em back.
If there are any of our men at the POW
target camp, you're to take photos.
- Only photos. Under no circumstances
are you to engage the enemy.
- I'm supposed to leave them there?
I repeat:
Do not engage the enemy!
The assault team led by Colonel Trautman
will handle the extraction.
With your participation,
this mission has a better than average
chance of succeeding.
I'll meet you both
in the operations center in one hour.
From Thailand across Laos
into the mountains of Vietnam.
You'll be flying a ceiling
of 250 feet when you bail out.
Think you can handle it?
- I'll try.
Since you're going in solo, you'll have
to take more equipment than ever before.
And use it!
Don't try the blood-and-guts routine.
Let technology do most of the work.
Forget the war. Remember the mission.
The old Vietnam is dead.
Sir, I'm alive,
so it's still alive, isn't it?
You may find this hard
to believe, but all this is for you.
You'll get every modern piece of
equipment we have to ensure your safety.
You can feel totally safe because we
have the world's most advanced weapons.
I've always believed that the mind's
the best weapon. - Times change.
For some people.

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