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are, sir.
I guess you talked
to Mr. McCormack then.
Mr. McCormack don't talk to
no out-of-work carpenter.
His boy called my boy.
And what?
Oh, Mr. Ludlow...
Petey says they drove
out to Jenny Lind,
They hung out there,
even bought
a couple CDs there.
Goddamn expensive
couple CDs.
Didn't say nothing
about no shotgun
or no old dog.
Maybe they did drive to
Jenny Lind before or after,
but at about 4:00
in the afternoon
they were
at Miller's Bend.
And when they didn't get
the money they wanted from me
Danny McCormack
shot my dog.
And your son stood there
with him
laughing about it.
- Look
- No, hey, Mr. Lud Ludlow.
I heard every word of this
and I want to know
just what you think you're
doing coming out here like this?
I mean, if you have a
complaint with the McCormacks
why don't you just
take it up with them?
You heard that your boy was
party to attempted robbery?
That he thought it was funny
that his friend
shot my animal?
He didn't shoot your dog.
He was there.
He saw the boy who did.
I want him to say that.
Maybe he's sorry.
You ever think of that?
How can he be sorry
if he denies it happened?
You're right.
It wasn't your boy
who fired the weapon.
And I'd be willing
to forgive him
if he'd only show
some nerve and decency
and own up
to his part in it
and tell the Sheriff
what Danny McCormack did.
This is my phone number.
I know a boy can be hard
in his heart sometimes
and regret it later on.
I only want
the truth from him.
Tell him to do what's right.
That's all I'm asking.
Got a pie cooling
in the back, Ave.
Might make this go down
a lot easier.
That'll be nice, Gloria.
Thank you.
- Evening, Sam.
- Gloria.
Ave, this is
Carrie Donnel
from KPZS News over
in Portland.
- Mrs. Donnel.
- Carrie will be just fine, thank you.
I'm sorry to hear about Red.
I've got an idea
I want to run past you
A modified course
of action.
What about the present
course of action?
Well, Jack Wentz declined
to prosecute
and McCormack's already
got himself a lawyer.
A fella by the name of Cummings.
He's good.
Did you
did you ever throw Danny
McCormack out of your store?
I never laid eyes
on him before Sunday.
What they're saying
is you did.
That you threw him out for
trying to steal a penknife
a few months back
or some damn thing.
They're trying to make out
like you're some kind of crank
who's got a grudge
against Danny.
What about their father?
He's backing them up,
lying all the way.
They've closed ranks, Ave.
So they got an anonymous
phone call
in the Sheriff's office,
went down
to investigate it.
They found two dogs
barely alive
chained outside
in the yard.
It was the dead
of winter,
no food, no water.
The owner had been on vacation
in Florida for a week.
Now the D.A. wasn't going
to prosecute the case
until the local papers
got hold of it.
Then she changed her mind.
How are you guys
doing over here?
That pie's still waiting
on you in the back, Ave.
Oh, sure, Gloria.
Maybe in a minute, huh?
Are you saying you want to
report all this
on television?
I want you to report it,
Mr. Ludlow.
I want to take a film crew
down to where it happened.
Well, what about slander?
You won't name any names.
You're just going to tell
your story.
What those boys did
and what the D.A.'s Office
isn't willing to do,
I want to piss people off
about it.
I don't suppose you have
a dog, do you, Carrie?
- Cats?
- Cats, Mr. Ludlow. Three of them.
Ave will do
just fine, Carrie.
- I was sitting down here.
- Oh, is that right?
That's where we usually
get the best catch.
So this is where you were?
Dave, I think you can
just set up over here.
Red, he knew this lake
like his front paws.
And he was sitting
just here.
That's where he sat.
And the boys...
Sam said you didn't have a T.V. and


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