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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
- Dean's.
- Dean, Ave Ludlow.
Got a question for you.
Hey there, Ave.
Do you ever carry
Browning Auto-5?
Don't stock the auto-5.
Never have.
You might want to try
Just Guns down on 95.
Just Guns.
All right, then.
How's that mangy cur
of yours holding up?
He got himself
into a skunk last night.
Got any deals
on tomato juice?
I'll call Emma,
Tell her to set a case
aside for you.
Charge you wholesale
for it, okay?
Our noses
thank you both.
Can I help you?
I'd like to know if you
sold a Browning Auto-5
to a boy about 17, 18
years old maybe recently.
about yea high.
Thin, short blond hair,
You police?
Then why are you asking?
Let's just say
it's a private matter.
It's a private matter?
Sorry, we can't be dealing
in private matters here, friend.
The boy I'm looking for...
he used the Browning
against my dog.
He had no reason to.
I'm sorry to hear
that, mister.
But like I said.
Your dog...
He dead?
The boy shot him
in the head.
Check the ledger, Jimmy.
- Yeah, but
- Check it.
Suppose he goes and shoots the kid.
What then, Clarence?
He ain't gonna do that.
You a hunting man?
All my life
since I was 10 years old.
Couple years back I did
something damn foolish.
Forgot the safety.
First time in 30-some years.
Tripped over a bush,
finger on the trigger...
- blew it clear off.
Hurt like I never imagined.
Used my jacket
for a tourniquet,
but the blood just kept
pumping out of me.
I was losing it.
Couldn't even remember
which way the road was.
Fading fast.
And this fella
starts barking.
Runs a few paces,
keeps barking
like he's encouraging me.
I'd pass out and he'd come
bark right in my ear.
I pulled myself
almost a mile
before I blacked out.
That was his last day
on Alpo.
It's been top sirloin
ever since.
Here it is.
Boy came in
with his father.
Real snappy dresser,
his father.
Said he had short hair?
Danny C. McCormack.
Just turned
18 years of age.
The name's
Avery Ludlow, ma'am.
Is Mr. McCormack in?
Danny would not do that.
I'm afraid he did, Mr. McCormack.
Daniel was the one
that did the shooting.
The other two
just stood by and watched
and then laughed
when it was over.
- They laughed?
- That's right.
They seemed to think
shooting a dog to death
was a pretty funny thing.
Does Daniel own a T-shirt
that says
"Stolen from May's
What is it, Ludlow?
You want money?
You want money?
No, sir.
I'm after whatever
justice I can see
coming out of this thing.
What I want to know is that
the boy admits to what he's done
and he's made to feel damn
sorry for what he did.
That's where you come in,
Mr. McCormack.
He's your boy.
How do I know what
you're telling me here
is the truth, Ludlow?
What proof have you got?
I've got a spent
shell casing
that the Sheriff's office could
probably match to the Browning
if it needs come to that.
But why don't we
just ask him?
Hey, Hon.
Is Danny upstairs?
Could you go on up there
and tell him come on
downstairs to the study?
Tell them I said
right now.
Hey, Dad.
Do you know
this man here?
No. Why?
You're absolutely sure?
- What?
- This is Mr. Ludlow, Danny.
He's been telling me
a pretty amazing story.
Told me you tried to
rob him yesterday.
That you shot his dog.
Are you kidding?
Mr. Ludlow is not
kidding, no.
Did you take the Browning
out yesterday, Danny?
No. No no.
We drove to Jenny Lind.
Ask mom.
She saw us take the car.
- With who?
- Us and Pete.
- You go anyplace else?
- No.
You go up to Miller's Bend?
Why would we want to go
to Miller's Bend, Dad?
Do you own a T-shirt
that says "Property of"
- Stolen from.
- Stolen from
"Stolen from

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