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there. I had to come downtown
and hold some of these guys' hands.
Tell me.
That sounds good.
No, I've got to eat with these offsite fags.
Save mine, though. I'll have it later.
Okay. Yeah, 6:00.
- What?
- What?
We're supposed to win this by two,
they just turned over with 12 on the clock.
- We have to foul.
- No.
What? No, we foul here,
they miss the first free throw...
- and they come back with the three.
- Three points.
That's right.
Man, are you hungry?
I haven't eaten since later this afternoon.
What's up, you guys?
- You have got to be kidding.
- I'm sorry. I forgot it was in my pocket.
- It's Kara?
- Yeah.
How do cell phones work?
If there's two duplicate phones
and I call the same number...
do they both ring at the same time,
or is there...
- That's not how they work.
- It's a radio signal.
No, it's a network.
It checks each area and
when it finds the phone, it stops ringing.
It rings the first one.
- This one is ringing.
- Right.
So the one your double has in Russellfield
can't be.
Right. I think we broke symmetry.
- Are you sure that's how cell phones work?
- No.
You feel all right?
- I feel fine. Do you?
- Yeah.
Is Kara asleep? Did I wake you up?
Yeah. No, not me, it felt more like a nap.
I think my body's getting used to
these 36-hour days. What's going on?
We can do this, but we have to do it now.
- Do you have his home address?
- Why now?
We were planning on taking a trip
tomorrow, right? Just like today?
Yeah, for stocks.
Okay, well, half an hour ago I was asleep.
This car alarm woke me up.
These kids were down skating by,
hitting cars on the block.
So we go right now, do our business
at Platts', get back in the box...
and come back before
those kids set off those alarms.
All we really have to do is stand there
in plain sight. That should scare them off.
That way my double
sleeps through the night...
they don't have this conversation,
and they get in the box tomorrow as usual.
- They'll be changed. But...
- Yeah, but at least they'll get in the box.
Wait, how do we go back that far
if the machines haven't been running?
- Have they been running?
- Yeah.
I started going by at 5:00,and turning them on, 5:00 p. m.
I got tired of the whole
unanswerable question...
Are we doing this as an experiment
or are we doing this for me?
- A little of both.
- 5:00.
If we get this done by 3:00,
that's 10 hours in the box.
I've got the O2 tanks in the car.
- Is that...
- Is that Rachel's car?
No, that's not Rachel's, that's her dad's.
They have the same kind.
Did you see that?
That's Mr. Granger. That's Thomas.
He's sitting in that car.
I swear that was him.
What the hell is he doing...
sitting outside my house
at 2:00 in the morning?
I don't believe this.
What, is he following us?
- What are you doing?
- Let's just see what he wants.
No, let's just get out
of my neighborhood first. Come on.
- Did you see him today?
- No.
I did. I saw him this afternoon...
around 6:00.
Are you sure you didn't see him
when we drove past?
No, what?
I'm positive this afternoon
he was clean-shaven. I know he was.
He was ready to go to some function
with his wife.
He looks like he's got
a two or three-day growth now.
- Are you sure?
- No, I'm not sure, but I think so.
Rachel. This is Abe. Did I wake you up?
Can I get your dad's number
from you real quick?
Yeah. Okay, go ahead.
- Yeah, thanks.
- What's he doing?
He's just sitting there.
He got out for a second
and I thought he was coming over...
and then he got back in the car.
I think he's drunk.
Hi, sorry to call so late.
May I speak to Thomas Granger, please?
Yeah, this is James Miller
from Putney and Myers.
Hi, Mr. Granger?
Thomas Granger?
What are you doing here? Come here!
What happened?
I'm okay. I slipped.
I want to know what box he used.
You built one for you, right? Just one.
Yeah. How many do you think I made?
These are set right. I turned them on


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