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's not a...
- Yeah, I don't care.
- So resistance doesn't matter.
- I need an aye or a yes.
- Did you jiggle the...
- The collet nut?
- Robert did it.
- Well, yes. I guess.
- Well, then, which is cheaper?
- You're not going to buy it, are you?
Well, unless you've got
a few grams of palladium lying around.
Why would they put it in there
if you didn't need it?
One catalytic converter. It's fine.
Remember to put it back.
Your emission just went up 300%.
- Is there enough in here?
- Yeah, should be.
If not, we'll pull the one out of my truck.
Okay, copper tubing.
- This will be out of commission, right?
- Without the tubing?
- We can use the Freon, too.
- No, it's going to be room temperature.
I know, just in case.
No, wait. Stop. I'll just buy the tubing.
This isn't saving us money.
- Jay? Hey, man. How are you?
- Good.
Should we be wearing goggles?
- Should we be wearing goggles?
- What?
Goggles. Should we be wearing goggles?
Wait. Phillip, you don't want
to come out here.
Phillip, grab a mask, okay?
It is, though, right? It's not just me?
No, it's definitely smaller, but it just seems
that way. Take what they have.
Minus the coolant which we don't need.
The rest of it is the mercury bath...
which you would know better than I do,
but they're probably just showing off.
I mean, you have it, you got to use it, right?
- What? Does it hurt?
- No, I didn't feel anything.
That sound is just weirding me out.
- What does it feel like?
- I don't know.
I don't know if I'm making it up.
- Next part. Let's do the next part.
- Yeah.
Isn't there some sort of glass
or a transparent...
Anything we can use as a window? Pyrex?
- Yeah, I'm in.
- Okay, drop it.
I don't know of anything
that won't leave a gap in the field.
But we got to see what's going on in there.
- How much did that cost?
- Yeah.
- What?
- You want to put my camcorder...
inside the box that's so dangerous
we can't look into it.
If something happens,
would you pay me back?
So we have a slightly negative pressure
in the box.
So we're ready for the argon.
- Which one is that?
- It's the blue one.
I weighed it at 77 grams.
I set the scale to decagrams, though.
I'm showing 7.7 decagrams.
Ready for...
0.05 liters of argon.
- You ready?
- Just the plate first, right?
Right, first just the plate, and then we'll...
Let's just give it a second.
- You want to do the box now?
- Yeah.
Let's go through the checklist.
Aaron, hold on a second.
Let's make sure everything's set up right.
Hold on, Aaron. Wait.
Just wait.
- Is this normal?
- I don't know.
- I'm turning it off.
- Wait! No.
- Okay, I didn't do that.
- Did we blow something?
Yeah, we did. That's destroyed.
- You want to check your camera?
- Yeah.
- Let's get this.
- You ready?
One, two, three.
Hey. Tell me you're hungry.
Kara's at her mom's and I'm starving.
Yeah, I'm hungry. What...
Abe, it's 7:00. Abe, it's 7:00 at night.
- Okay, yeah, I have food...
- Okay.
- Wait, are those kids there?
- Just a sec.
Yeah, they're here.
Okay, screw that, let's just go somewhere.
I just pulled in, so come on down.
Come up first. I have some stuff
I want to take back to the shop.
All right, but meet me at the door.
- Okay, all right.
- Seriously, meet me at the door.
Okay. All right. See you.
- What's up, Abe?
- Hey, Brad. How are you?
- How long did he say he would be there?
- Not long.
If he's got problems, he's got to fix them.
You're not his dad.
I know. I just thought it would be good
to do something charitable.
It definitely is charity.
At least you admit that.
You feel like a steak? To eat.
I don't want a steak. Let's just
grab some tacos on the way to the shop.
- I have some stuff I want to try out.
- Okay.
We can get some tacos on the way,
or we can get a steak afterwards.
What are you talking about?
I'm not paying for a steak.
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