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They're friends.
You're staying? Why?
Why? Let's see, why would Abe stay?
What possible reason could there be
to be here?
I guess that
it just won't go back far enough, will it?
Tell you what, why don't you take Kara
and Lauren and put them in the box...
and then you and Aaron can each keep a set
and you can stop feeding off it.
- Don't come back.
- You can each keep a set and a hemisphere.
There hasn't been a reason
to show you what I'm capable of...
but I'm telling this you now. Go out there.
Do whatever the hell you want.
There's no way in the world I can stop you.
But don't come back here...
and don't come near them.
Any of them.
Now I have repaid any debt
I may have owed you.
You know all that I know.
My voice is the only proof
that you will have of the truth of any of this.
I might have written a letter
with my signature...
but my handwriting
is not what it used to be.
Maybe you've had the presence of mind
to record this.
That's your prerogative.
You will not be contacted by me again.
Good morning.
Every half-meter.
And if you look, you will not find me.
5@y3Here's what's going to happen.
I'm going to read this...
and you're going to listen,
and you're going to stay on the line.
You're not going to interrupt.
You're not going to speak for any reason.
Now, some of this you know.
I'm going to start at the top of the page.
Meticulous, yes. Methodical. Educated.
They were these things.
Nothing extreme. Like anyone, they varied.
There were days of mistakes
and laziness and infighting.
And there were days, good days,
when by anyone's judgment...
they would have to be considered clever.
No one would say
that what they were doing was complicated.
It wouldn't even be considered new.
Except maybe in the geological sense.
They took from their surroundings
what was needed...
and made of it something more.
- We haven't even set up an appointment.
- What order date did you put on this?
- The 28th. Why?
- I don't know... Yeah, I'm putting 28th.
Have you thought any more
about what you want to put forward?
- Not really.
- Because I was...
I mean I haven't changed my mind
or anything.
Phillip and I were talking,
and we think it could be good. It'd be fun.
Nobody's saying it wouldn't be fun.
The time for jacking around with tesla coils
and ball lightning in the garage is over.
Maybe you should try it on your own
in your free time.
My free time? The free time
after the 50 hours a week at work...
or after the 30 hours of free time
I already spend in that garage?
And it's not a tesla coil.
I could save a few minutes a day
by eating on the toilet.
How many patents do we have?
In the last 14 months?
- Did you sign the agreement?
- Nobody signed the agreement.
Doesn't matter,
we're sticking to the agreement.
Name one thing out of that garage
that's remotely profitable.
I don't see anybody quitting their jobs
because of it. Are you?
Abe just means that right now
the JTAG cards are it.
When you look at the addresses, we have
a lot of apartments. A lot of residences.
But these are not the bulk orders
to the OEMs or retail giants.
- These are the quiet basement...
- Hackers.
Yeah, hacker wannabes
testing their dads' old motherboards.
And I know that a lot of that is my fault,
admittedly, you know.
With everything last year, and the doubletalk
we were getting from Platts...
- and all the stuff we won't get into now...
- We should get into it.
I'm sorry. What?
Go ahead. Tell him.
We should get into it.
I talked to my brother today.
He knows of two other cases like that
at his firm.
- Let Platts know that we're talking about it.
- Look, forget Platts.
This has got to be about what
has the best chance of going to market...
and what is going to get us VC attention.
Look, I stuck by you guys
when it was your turn.
And I wasn

- 48

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