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that working out for you?
You know what? You guys, both of you,
you make fun, but there is a difference.
Wait. What did you call him?
- What?
- When you walked in? What did you say?
- He didn't tell you about it?
- No.
All right. Rachel's ex-boyfriend
walks into my birthday party with a shotgun.
- What?
- Swear to God.
I've already gotten that speech from Kara.
- Filby!
- You'll get it. You have a wife and kid.
It's funny how you two are the only people
that have a problem with it.
- Everybody else thinks I did a good thing.
- You didn't.
You can't risk your life and
especially the welfare of Kara and Lauren...
for someone like Rachel.
She practically begs
for this to happen to her.
I figured at least you'd understand.
Understand what?
You've never been like this.
That's what I mean.
You see how different things are now.
Different? How are things different?
You see it, okay? I know you do.
Look, that was the night...
you had told me everything
about the machine.
Everything you showed me was so fresh
in my head and when I saw this guy...
I'm looking at him.
I wasn't going to let him do that.
I wasn't going
to let him scare people like that.
I know it was stupid, okay?
But I mean, this whole idea,
this whole thing that we're doing.
It just took some getting used to for me.
I wasn't completely acclimated to it.
If it was just you, you had to worry about,
I'd still think you're stupid.
But you have a family now,
and God, especially now...
anything like this would be crazy.
- I know, okay.
- I know you know that, but you've got to...
- I know, okay?
- Filby!
You little sack of...
Even if you see him, don't tell me.
It's not my fault if I don't know,
and I just hope the thing runs away.
Then what are we doing out here?
She worries about the cat.
So you look for the cat. It's what you do.
- I don't know.
- What do you mean?
It's embarrassing that the storage room guy
sees us come in together...
but he never sees us leave.
Yeah, but what do you think
the receptionist thinks...
about two guys that come
and get a room for six hours every day?
Did you unplug this?
You brought your cell phone?
Can I check the caller ID?
Yeah, we're not back.
Yeah, but you can't take it back
with you, okay?
This is Aaron. Hey, babe.
I'm not there. I had to come downtown
and hold some of these guys' hands.
Tell me.
That sounds good.
No, I've got to eat with these offsite fags.
Save mine, though. I'll have it later.
Okay. Yeah, 6:00.
- What?
- What?
We're supposed to win this by two,
they just turned over with 12 on the clock.
- We have to foul.
- No.
What? No, we foul here,
they miss the first free throw...
- and they come back with the three.
- Three points.
That's right.
Man, are you hungry?
I haven't eaten since later this afternoon.
What's up, you guys?
- You have got to be kidding.
- I'm sorry. I forgot it was in my pocket.
- It's Kara?
- Yeah.
How do cell phones work?
If there's two duplicate phones
and I call the same number...
do they both ring at the same time,
or is there...
- That's not how they work.
- It's a radio signal.
No, it's a network.
It checks each area and
when it finds the phone, it stops ringing.
It rings the first one.
- This one is ringing.
- Right.
So the one your double has in Russellfield
can't be.
Right. I think we broke symmetry.
- Are you sure that's how cell phones work?
- No.
You feel all right?
- I feel fine. Do you?
- Yeah.
Is Kara asleep? Did I wake you up?
Yeah. No, not me, it felt more like a nap.
I think my body's getting used to
these 36-hour days. What's going on?
We can do this, but we have to do it now.
- Do you have his home address?
- Why now?
We were planning on taking a trip
tomorrow, right? Just like today?
Yeah, for stocks.
Okay, well, half an hour ago I was asleep.
This car alarm woke me up.
These kids were down skating by,
hitting cars on the block.
So we go right now, do


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