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I do know where Will is.
I'll let him know on my way out.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Can you meet me out front?
- You got to drive.
- Okay, here. Take my keys.
Okay, if you can, just pretend
that this is the first time I came in.
And if you would just
tell him exactly what you told me...
- Okay, so what is it?
- Protein buildup.
- Okay, can you just tell him?
- Protein buildup.
- But what kind?
- Some fungus.
- Some fungus.
- Where did it come from?
- I don't know. You were to take it to the lab.
- Yeah, that's next.
- You were in design, weren't you?
- Yeah.
How did you get over here?
Do you know what they do
with engineers when they turn 40?
They take them out and shoot them.
What the hell, Abe?
You could have just shown me the pictures.
- I want you to believe it.
- Believe what, the protein?
- I believe you.
- Okay, look...
this guy already thinks it's a joke,
so he may be a little defensive.
Really? Why would he think that?
Aspergillus Ticor.
This is a fungus that's everywhere.
It's in our bed, our skin,
sometimes even our GI tract. Everywhere.
It's basically the reason you don't leave
things in dark, damp, closed-off places.
Thank you.
Do you have that sample I brought?
There it is. Terger. T-E-R-G-E-R.
Okay, when I showed you this,
tell him what you thought.
- You thought it was a joke, right?
- It is a joke.
Right, but how did you know?
Will you show him? Please?
This is how I get protein A
out of Aspergillus Ticor. We sweeten it.
We agitate it. We spin it around.
We sweeten some more.
- Takes about a month.
- To get the same amount I brought in.
To get the same amount I brought in.
So if it's an incubator for fungus,
is that valuable?
- That's not what it is.
- Then what is it?
There's another way to secrete
that much protein. Do it naturally.
But that takes a lot longer.
If it has a little moisture and it's left alone,
it'll start secreting and it'll build up...
- and build up, but it takes a long time.
- How long?
- A long time.
- More than a few days? Then how long?
To get the same amount of protein
that we have...
the amount that I was wiping off
every five days...
and five days later it would accumulate...
he says it would take about five to six years.
I don't want to belittle this guy.
So, I said screw it
and I put my watch in there.
- And?
- I want you to do it.
- Where is it? The box?
- I took it back to the shop.
- Wait, digital or old mechanical?
- Exactly. I did both.
- And what?
- I want you to do it.
We thought
that we were degrading gravity, right?
That we were blocking that information.
I think we're doing more than that.
I think we're blocking more than that.
When you were controlling the feed,
did you notice it was parabolic?
It's important. Parabolas are important.
Here, look at this.
I don't know, Abe.
I'm going to start it up
and let it run for 60 seconds...
with nothing in it. It's empty this time.
That's 22...
In all the equations that describe motion
and heat and entropy.
In all Feynman diagrams what's the
one variable that you can turn negative...
and still get rational answers for?
It's not mass.
Twenty-two hours, 27 minutes in the box.
- It's an odd number.
- That's 1,347 minutes.
- 1,347, man, you got that fast.
- How did you know it's odd?
Because this is it. This is what's going on.
There's an "A" end and a "B" end.
Let's say the A end is 12:00, and the B end is 12:01.
All right? We start the machine
with the Weeble at the A end.
- It travels forward...
- You got to write this down.
- There's nothing to write down.
- I'll write it down.
It travels forward normally
towards the B end.
When it gets there,
the feed runs down parabolically...
until it should stop, but it curves
back around towards the A end.
When it gets back to the A end...
Curve that around. The Weeble...
has experienced a total of two minutes,
and again it curves...
- Back around. It curves

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