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Really nervous?
You mean so nervous you could not...
God, come on, it is embarrassing.
Look, I could not do it...
...the third time.
The moment we have all been waiting for.
Let Oktoberfest... begin!
You cannot get anything going here!
Is C.D. In?
I am catching a plane in 20 minutes.
- Why?
- I got a call from the university.
- I was right about the comet.
- Fantastic!
I wanted to tell you first.
Congratulations, that is great.
You are famous.
- Is Chris around?
- No, I have not seen him.
Maybe you can tell him where I am?
I will be gone for about a week.
Here is my address.
Ask him to write me.
Tell him to knock me over.
I was walking on air, now I am walking
on feathers, on pillows on air.
A beer?
- Draft?
- Yes, but I can just put on my sweater.
That is so funny. There are so many guys
in here with no sense of humour.
I think a sense of humour is important.
I think it is really important, too.
- A hand of low-ball for your drink.
- What is low-ball?
You try to get the worst hand.
Okay, a low-ball for a high-ball.
You are a riot.
You could be a dealer in Vegas.
I went to Tahoe with my girlfriend.
We will move there in 3 days.
They like young cocktail waitresses
there; you can make big money.
I heard one girl got a $10,000 tip
from a lucky gambler.
10 grand?
That would be nice.
When I get older I will move to Reno;
they like older cocktail waitresses.
It is only 60 miles away...
What have you got?
I have a nine, seven, five,
three and a deuce.
That is the worst hand I ever saw.
You win.
- Where are you from?
- Albuquerque.
It is an old bar bet.
Do you know where I want to go?
San Francisco.
I have been there.
It is great; I am really a 49ers fan
not so much the Giants...
The Redwoods, you should see them.
I would like to go there and just be.
I always take a meat sandwich with me.
It is great you have travelled.
You are interesting.
I try to be.
When you find somebody interesting...
...you become interesting
to that person.
- Are you seeing Roxanne?
- Kind of, but not...
I should quit talking to you,
she is a friend.
No, we can talk. It is no problem.
Next you will tell me about New York.
- I have been to New York.
- I was just kidding, you really have!
- My name is Chris.
- I know.
I am Sandy.
It is good to meet you.
You loved the little birds so much
you gave them this to perch on.
Thank you for the help, ladies...
- What is up?
- Nothing.
Do you want a drink?
Yes, but if I ask for one more...
Give it to me.
Ralston, could you bring us
a bottle of wine, please?
What can you sit on, sleep on
and brush your teeth with?
I do not know.
A chair, a bed and a toothbrush.
- Your wine is right here.
- Thank you.
What is the point?
Sometimes the answer is so obvious
you do not see it.
It is as plain as the nose on your face.
- You should tell her.
- Tell who what?
Tell Roxanne that you love her.
- Actually, I already told her.
- You did?
- Last week I made love to her.
- Great!
It was not actually me,
it was sort of me, but...
It was me who said all the right
things, made her feel the right way.
It just was not the actual me
who did... the honours.
Never have I seen such a dead place.
Dixie, did you serve tripe quiche again?
Why are you not wearing fur tonight?
Chris asked me to stand in for him.
Roxanne called; she is coming to town.
I have to tell him about the letters.
Just a second, I will be right back.
What are you doing here?
There was no one there.
- What?
- There was no one there.
What is going on?
I will get it.
Probably just kids...
Damn kids nowadays.
- Guess why I came back early?
- The door again.
There was no doorbell.
There it was again, I heard it.
Probably some kids. I will get it now.
- There was no doorbell.
- I will take care of it.
There it was again.
She might mention some letters.
You wrote her a few letters.
- How many?
- Three a
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