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hear you.
It is because my words have to rise up,
they have trouble finding you.
- You can hear me.
- That is because your voice floats down.
One hard word from you
at that height kills me.
Give me your hat.
Your voice sounds different.
Of course, I do not have to be careful
anymore. I am protected by the night.
I can be myself, Roxanne.
Oh God, your name is like a knife.
Stand where I can see you.
- No!
- Why?
Only my voice, you do not need
to see me, just listen to me.
I only have a minute to talk to you.
Did what I wrote touch you?
It did.
It was eloquent.
No, not eloquent, just honest.
I am in orbit around you,
I am suspended weightless over you...
...like the blue man
in the Chagall...
...hanging over you
in a delirious kiss.
Yesterday, on the street...
I swore I heard your name.
I turned and there was nobody there.
Just five birds rising off the ground...
...and when their wings hit the air,
I heard your name again.
Just for that second I was one of them,
pounding out your name: Roxanne.
Roxanne. A word of two syllables
locked inside my head.
You see... I am...
and I will always be...
...the one who loved you
without limits.
What are you talking about?
It is too much.
- Go on.
- It is working, go on.
This is my whole life right now.
Standing here talking to you like this.
Saying things I wanted to say,
but could not.
Why could you not talk to me?
I was afraid you would laugh at me.
- That is silly.
- No, not if you knew.
When you are reaching for a star,
there is a long way to fall.
I almost never let this moment happen.
Now I feel sorry for people for whom
it never comes.
I love you. I have breathed you in
and I am suffocating.
I am crazy, I cannot go on.
This is all too much.
- I am starting to feel a little dizzy.
- I am starting to feel a little drunk.
Because I have
made you tremble up there, have I not?
Like a leaf on a tree.
- I want to make love to you.
- Shut up, Chris.
I was telling myself to shut up
because this time I have gone too far.
I will be the judge of that.
She wants us.
C.D., it is okay.
Sooner or later.
You can do it.
Do not think I do not know you and
have not felt you beneath me.
I know you have imagined it,
have you not?
Lying back into your bed with me.
I have.
There will never be another tonight.
Why should we sip from a tea cup,
when we can drink from the river?
There is a tiny word; it is not a noun,
it is not a verb...
...it is not an adjective,
I do not know what it is.
But if you said it to me tonight,
all this blackness would go away.
You and I would be connected
by a tunnel of light.
- What is the word, Chris?
- Yes.
Yes, Chris.
Great, we did it.
C.D., we were great.
I think I am in love.
Oh God, I did it!
Ooh, C.D., are you all right?
Did you hurt yourself?
- Where am I?
- You are in Nelson.
Nelson? I am home.
They brought me home.
- What day is it?
- Friday. "Dallas" is on.
Friday? Then it took no time.
It did not exist in time.
Suddenly a spacecraft
landed right in front of me.
I have read about it.
Did it have lights?
Lights? You never saw so many lights.
It was like Broadway.
A creature with big suckers on his palms
came out, he walked like this.
He put his palms right in my face...
...took me over to Roxanne's
to observe me.
At Roxanne's house?
This is bullshit; we will miss "Dallas".
Let us go.
- You think I am nuts.
- No.
They asked me about older women.
They wanted to have sex with them
here in Nelson.
They will start a colony of supermen who
will have sex with older women because:
"They really know what they are doing".
It has been so long.
Do you believe in these creatures...
...wanting to have sex
with older women?
Let us go and check it out.
God, I was nervous last night.
I did not say anything, I am too dumb...
...I mean, too smart for that.
What do you mean nervous?
How nervous?
- Just real nervous.
Роксана Роксана

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