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not tell me.
I will let it unfold.
Since you are working with him,
maybe you could encourage him.
He may not say anything all summer
and then I will be gone.
- If it comes up.
- C.D., thank you.
I know I am forward.
You were really great the other night.
It is the first time
I have seen anyone be brave.
I have been a lot braver since then.
This time I want you to do it.
Cut it off!
I am tired of having a magnificent,
fabulous, interesting nose.
I want a cute,
petite, little button nose.
- Give me the American beauty.
- C.D., you know I cannot.
Yes you can, get the knife. Cut it, Dave.
I cannot. Allergies to anesthetics are
dangerous; you will go into a coma.
We will do it the old-fashioned way.
Do not be stupid.
- I want to look like Diana Ross.
- What you want is psychotherapy.
I can hear it now:
"Get used to it. $85, please".
Have you ever thought you
were born with this nose for a reason?
Oh yes...
...like opening coke bottles.
Can I look at those nose cards
one more time?
Yes, sure.
Hello darling,
I have not seen you in a while.
She is so beautiful,
I saw her in that bar...
- She is interesting, too.
- Yes, did you see her legs?
She also has a sense of humour.
She wants to meet me? I cannot
believe this; God, my third day here...
She is smart, too. Astrology...
- Astronomy.
- Yes, right.
God, we will meet, really?
So what do I do?
How do I meet her?
How about you walk up to her
and say hello?
No, then I would have to talk to her.
What are you talking about?
Around you guys I can relax and be
myself... I am funny, you know that.
But around women I get a little...
It is not that I do not like them.
I just get a little nervous.
get her telephone number and call her.
Pass. Then I would have to talk to her.
I wanted to talk to her really bad...
...but I did not, because that is how
I would have talked to her: Bad.
So every time you meet a woman
with charm and style and legs...
...you will turn around and run.
That is a great idea. It is brilliant.
It is a dumb game; why do we play it?
- Tough game?
- We are on our way there.
- Do you know what "carpe diem" is?
- Some kind of fish, fish bait?
No, it is Latin.
It means, "seize the day".
There may be no tomorrow, so do it now.
Seek life now, while you have the chance.
- You think I should go after Roxannne?
- No, I would not. I would wait.
Mail her a letter.
Okay, light the thing, see how you do.
C.D., come here. I have got it!
You have got it all right.
How to talk to Roxanne.
I will take a chance.
The girl likes me, what am I afraid of?
She is no rocket scientist.
Actually, she is a rocket scientist.
But of all the guys she likes me, right?
So what am I afraid of? Nothing.
I will do as you said...
I will write her a letter.
I have a way with words.
I always crack the guys up.
This way I can plan what to say.
I can craft it.
In a letter I can be...
- We cannot get it started.
- I will be out in a minute.
- Andy, your coat is on fire.
- Yeah, right.
So what do you think?
- What?!
- He is on fire, get his coat!
No! Not the gasoline!
Can I help you?
Yes, I have a friend who is looking for
a cosmetic, if one exits...
...a sort of a shading arrangement.
Do you have anything in the shading area?
We have lots of blushers and things...
What specifically is it for?
She has this feature that she would
like to... de-emphasise.
I see, she has this extra large feature
and she wants to make it look smaller?
I think a dark contour would be fine.
Great. How would she go about...
applying this thing?
She would... just shade the area of the
feature to make it look...
It would appear to be more shadows
and less actual... acreage.
- I mean area.
- I will take it.
- I will get a fresh one from the back.
- Thank you.
I talked to Chris for you.
Do you think he will call me?
He wants to write you a letter.
A letter? Is that not


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