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He did it before,
but never stayed this long.
It is going to be all right, honey.
What is the trouble, Peter?
Come on, what is the matter?
They call me "Porky" at school.
Why do they have to do that?
Goddamn it...
I should not say that in front of you.
Did you talk to your mother about it?
Once I tried. She said
I should clean up my plate first.
See, that is good. You are way better
than these guys who make fun of you.
You are smart and you are funny.
- You can make things up.
- I did not make it up. It is true.
I should not say that in front of you.
- Do I have to get down now?
- No.
Let us just stay up here for a while.
That is our new computer. We can
pinpoint any fire in town with that.
Yes, I can see that.
It is perfect for us...
we are the fire department.
That is perfect.
- Hi, I am Andy.
- Good to meet you.
I just wanted to welcome you.
There is one thing...
Have you met the chief?
He is funny looking.
I would not mention it.
Of course not.
I figured you would not.
But sometimes, you know...
...things accidentally slip out
and then, you know...
Watch it on that stair.
Who designed these steps?
The Marquis de Sade?
Why is it so heavy? It is mostly air.
And glass, so be careful.
My aunt knitted one of these.
It was much lighter than this.
- This secret of yours relates to this?
- Sort of, yes.
What are you doing, Charlie?
I cannot hold this by myself!
You do not have to tell me.
Okay, I will tell you.
All right, start talking. Here we go.
I think I have discovered a comet.
It is no big deal,
there are a lot of comets.
I was working on this paper...
...on the ork cloud, and I discovered
a mathematical irregularity.
I have not climbed so many steps
since I went to the Maharishi.
I think it is a series of ten comets...
Watch it around this corner.
Or the forerunner of a big comet
which is due back this summer.
Will you find it with this?
No, my uncle is looking for it
in a big scope in Arizona.
I carried it up here for nothing?
Not really. Put that counter balance
on that arm with the key.
- So, what do you get if you are right?
- Nothing.
Well, I graduate, that is for sure...
And I get to name it.
That is pretty good. Sort of historical.
Comet Kowalski.
Why? You could give it a beautiful name.
- That is my name.
- It is? Roxanne Kowalski?
Oh, sorry.
So, when did you find out about this?
July 14, 22:08:31...
Give or take ten days.
- That would really be something.
- Yes.
Do not look now,
but the Viking just came in.
Come in, shake hands with the mayor.
You will look important.
He should be bronzed.
I am told you are
fast, efficient and brilliant...
...with the ladies.
If anything happens to you,
C.D. Will be all over my Kazistkey...
- Get a hold of yourself.
- It is now or never.
- Do it, Roxanne.
- There is only one way to tell.
Okay, when he comes out...
...I will invite him to
a Nelson tradition of hot-tubbing...
...and I will set him up with some
mulled wine, and I will bathe him a lot.
- I am shocked.
- I am not shocked.
Confidence, confidence... A little
water and I am ready to talk to her.
Oh, no!
- Do you remember me?
- I am trying to put it behind me.
- Is this your shop?
- Yes, all mine.
- It is perfect.
- Thank you very much.
- It is really you.
- I appreciate that.
Come in and check out the freeze-dried
animals, they are incredibly lifelike.
Maybe next time.
C.D., it came to me
last night in a flash.
What is that?
The thing, the gimmick:
The Nelson promotional cow!
You give her a name:
Suzy, Bossy...
You put her picture in our posters,
teaching her to drink a beer.
- These things work.
- I think it is a fantastic idea.
- You like it?
- I love it, I think it is great!
I think it is brilliant, what an idea!
And I was there, I saw it happen:
He took the idea, ripe on the tree. He
plucked it and he put it in his pocket.
It is, dare I

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