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Do you want a drink?
Yes, but if I ask for one more...
Give it to me.
Ralston, could you bring us
a bottle of wine, please?
What can you sit on, sleep on
and brush your teeth with?
I do not know.
A chair, a bed and a toothbrush.
- Your wine is right here.
- Thank you.
What is the point?
Sometimes the answer is so obvious
you do not see it.
It is as plain as the nose on your face.
- You should tell her.
- Tell who what?
Tell Roxanne that you love her.
- Actually, I already told her.
- You did?
- Last week I made love to her.
- Great!
It was not actually me,
it was sort of me, but...
It was me who said all the right
things, made her feel the right way.
It just was not the actual me
who did... the honours.
Never have I seen such a dead place.
Dixie, did you serve tripe quiche again?
Why are you not wearing fur tonight?
Chris asked me to stand in for him.
Roxanne called; she is coming to town.
I have to tell him about the letters.
Just a second, I will be right back.
What are you doing here?
There was no one there.
- What?
- There was no one there.
What is going on?
I will get it.
Probably just kids...
Damn kids nowadays.
- Guess why I came back early?
- The door again.
There was no doorbell.
There it was again, I heard it.
Probably some kids. I will get it now.
- There was no doorbell.
- I will take care of it.
There it was again.
She might mention some letters.
You wrote her a few letters.
- How many?
- Three a day.
Six days, six times three is eighteen!
Well, twenty.
Twenty or so...
Nobody there.
Chris... do you know why
I came back early?
Every day, every hour
you sent me something new.
I could not stand it. I had to see you.
It was just letters...
Twenty or so.
- Think of what you wrote.
- I am trying.
- Wait... I want to know the real you.
- No!
The one I spoke to at the window.
This is the real me, good old Chris.
I like hanging out,
lifting weights; I am into my body.
You do not have to do that with me.
I know you and love you
from your letters.
Is it not enough I am cute?
Do you not see,
it would not matter if you were ugly.
- Teach me what you know.
- I can play the guitar a little.
- We could travel.
- No, I hate pasta.
- I want to go to concerts with you.
- We could... boogie, or what?
- We can just talk, Chris.
- Talk?
Roxanne, I -
- am feeling a little...
I am not feeling well, I have to go.
So? Are you coming or not?
- Will you tell her?
- I cannot.
Chris, you have to tell her,
it is not nice.
Do you have any paper?
I could write her.
I have experience at that.
I have some in my glove compartment.
I will get it.
Roxanne called. She sounded really weird,
she wants you to come over right away.
- Jerry, it is a re-match.
- He owes me 50 bucks.
Come in.
- What is it?
- Read this.
"Dear Roxanne. I have met someone else,
and she is real cute, too.
I hope I have not hurt you,
but I probably did.
It was really nice knowing you,
and now I am going to be a dealer in Tahoe.
Yours truly -
- t-r-u-l-e-y, Chris."
Then I found this along with it
under the door.
Read it... read it out loud.
"All day long I think,
'Where is she, what is she doing now?"
Occasionally, I see you on the street
and I feel the nerves in my stomach -
- a wave crashing over me."
- It is so him.
- Go on.
"I remember everything about you; -
- every move
no matter how insignificant it may seem.
July 1 1, 2:30 in the afternoon.
You changed your hair...
not that much, but I noticed.
It was as though
I had looked at the sun too long.
I could close my eyes
and see it again and again.
The way your hair moved, your walk,
your dress, everywhere I looked."
It is nice, is it not?
It has a... I feel...
- Finish it.
- I did, it just runs out.
You have to turn it over.
"C.D. wrote this. Call me.
I went through all of the other letters.
They are all in the same hand.
It was your voice under the
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