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Take the truck!
Snowball, come on.
Hi, how are you doing, Chief?
All is well that ends well.
Boys, the ladder is up. Boys!
Wait, boys. The ladder is up!
Let me show you a double binary,
just focus with this.
You will see it, I am on a schedule.
Roxanne, what is a light year?
Same as a regular year,
it just has less calories.
What is it?
It is two pairs of stars
revolving around each other, -
- but so far away
they look like one.
- What keeps them together?
- Mutual attraction.
That is fairly romantic.
"Strange attractors
in my window of possible movement."
Say again?
"Passionate kisses
I hope you will read with your lips."
- Roxanne?
- Sorry.
It is something from a letter I got...
An amazing letter.
- You liked it?
- No, I did not like it. I loved it.
- Whose letter?
- Chris.
- He can write?
- I am melting.
Let me show you that dumbbell nebula.
There is something I do not get...
The guy dodges me for days, so I think,
"Okay, he is not interested."
C.D. tells me of the letter -
- so I figure it is about
why he will not talk to me.
But it is not.
It was strange and... intelligent -
- and sexual.
Why is he writing?
He only lives a block and a half away.
Do you want me
to ask him out for you?
She wants a date?
C.D., it is all because of you.
Hey, what is the matter?
She wants to see me tonight?
I cannot see her tonight.
I am already a wreck.
You have to help me.
If I talk to her, I will die.
Here is what we do:
I give you something to memorise.
- I cannot memorise.
- Anyone can memorise.
Say the Pledge of Allegiance.
You memorised that, right?
Okay, I said,
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of..."
...which country, I do not know.
We will think of something.
- No letter this time, just face to face.
- Yes.
- Do you want to sit outside?
- Do I want to sit outside? Yes.
- Here?
- Here on the porch, yes.
- We can sit right here.
- Great.
- It is a lovely evening.
- Oh, yes... It is an exquisite evening.
Filled with... mysterious portents.
Magic and romance.
- Why are you wearing that hat?
- Why? ...Because...
Do not panic, stay calm.
Because tonight... I am a hunter.
Because tonight... I am a hunter.
Hunting for words.
That is good, it is okay.
Am I your prey?
Yes, but not a defenceless one.
Yes... but not a defenceless one.
Not a rabbit.
You are a lioness.
Alert and sensitive...
Alert and sensitive to every mis-step.
Move a little closer to her.
Therefore I must move silently,
moving in towards you.
Reach out your hand.
I hand out... reaching to...
Car three, proceed to the 279.
Confirm, car three, confirm.
Confirm what?
Confirm my feelings.
- Confirm my feelings.
- Yes.
Because there is a heart here...
that wants yours to know -
- there is a possible 502 on Main.
Proceed to Main, confirm.
Are you not a hunter anymore?
Not a hunter? No, I mean...
It is really nice out, is it not?
It is really, really...
what is the word I am looking for?
Nice, yes, that is it.
So, now you are the weatherman?
I loved your letter.
It was beautiful.
Where did you learn to write like that?
- The usual places.
- It seemed very extemporaneous.
Thank you.
Say something.
Something wonderful like in your letter.
- Let us see.
- You can tell me about the night.
The night... is very extemporaneous.
- What?
- It is wild.
Yes... the night is wild.
Like love can be wild.
Love is wild, wild and extemporaneous.
Say something romantic.
"Why do birds suddenly appear
everytime you are near?"
- Is that not from a song?
- They made it into a song.
You wrote the song?
No... but I like that song.
Use your own words.
You have -
- a great body.
Your knockers, I mean your breasts,
are like melons...
Not melons, like pillows.
Can I fluff your pillows?
I have to go in now.
Wait! ...Were you not playmate
of the month in June '85?
- "Can I fluff your pillows?"
- I got flustered, I

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